Asmodee has announced that the successful board game Splendor is the first major publication from the publisher's catalog on the Board Game Arena gaming platform: Players can now fall back on the title by Marc André. The Essen publishing house recently announced that it had adopted “BGA”, the abbreviation for the online board game platform. 

Five colors, endless possibilities. Bord Game Arena users can now challenge players around the world to a game of Splendor. The award-winning game Splendor by the Space Cowboys is now playable on the platform. Since it was acquired by Asmodee three months ago, Splendor has been adapted by BGA and Space Cowboys to optimize the online experience for new and seasoned players.

Splendor: Over a million copies sold

At Asmodee, people are initially happy about the success of the board game: Splendor has been sold over a million times worldwide since its release in 2014. In the game you slip into the roles of Renaissance traders who compete for the purchase of mines, ships and other goods by trading chips and cards. The rules are simple, the difficulty depends on the composition of the group of players - and there is also a certain incentive to replay.

Space Cowboys worked with Board Game Arena to ensure that Splendor fans had the same experience online as they did at the gaming table. Splendor on BGA will feature the same characters and illustrations that the board game community loves. The online version offers improved graphics to show the high print quality of the game pieces and cards, which are sure to please every online gaming fan. The players will use the same game mechanics
that they know from the game. In addition, they experience a whole new way of challenging players around the world, with the inclusion of global virtual play against each other.

"BGA exists to bring the best games to all players and we are really proud to offer this exceptional card game online today, less than 3 months after we started our partnership with Asmodee that made it possible",
says Grégory Isabelli, co-founder of BGA.

At Board Game Arena you play directly in your browser - a download is not necessary. Image: Asmodee

At Board Game Arena you play directly in your browser - a download is not necessary. Image: Asmodee

Splendor is ideal for online adaptation: it is easy to learn, quick to play and very suitable for two players. Now it's up to you to show the whole world who the real champion is. Splendor is now available online to all BGA members. BGA Premium players benefit from exclusive features to experience the best gaming experience with friends and loved ones: reduced waiting times to join a game, the possibility to start a game with friends and family and an audio / video chat. Splendor is the first major game from the Asmodee catalog to appear on the platform since acquiring BGA, but it won't be the last. Several much-anticipated games are in development and will be released in the coming months.

Asmodee is addressing all Splendor fans with an invitation. To celebrate the start of the board game at Board Game Arena, a tournament will be held from May 5th to 23rd. According to Asmodee, the four finalists will be able to win the following prizes:

  • Tournament winner: a personalized, noble game tile with a, from the illustrator
    of the game, Pascal Quidault, drawn portrait of the winner and three in the land of
    Player's available games from Studio Space Cowboys
  • Runner-up in the tournament: two games from the Space Cowboys studio that took place in the country
    of the player are available
  • Third and fourth place finishers in the tournament: one game each from Studio Space Cowboys, the
    is available in the player's country

François Doucet, Marketing Manager of the Space Cowboys studio, explains: “We are proud that Marc Andrés Spiel is now part of the extensive offer of Board Game Arena, alongside the most important modern board games. The efficiency of the
Interface will allow every fan to play against opponents from all over the world whenever and wherever they want. Thanks to BGA, new players can discover it in this way. Going online is a significant step in the life of this game that we will continue to develop in the future, always with the same goal: to please as many players as possible, thanks to its simple but profound gameplay and its excellent material, beautifully designed by Pascal Quidault was illustrated. "

Further information and the opportunity to play along are available at


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