Asmodee bought the US retail chain Miniature Market sometime in 2021. That emerges from the presentation during the negotiations between the Embracer Group and Asmodee. Boardgamegeek reported first. 

Asmodee had secretly closed the deal to buy Miniature Market. The board game manufacturer had not communicated the transaction openly. The company affiliation can be seen in a video, as well as the year of the acquisition: 2021. The board game website Boardgamegeek had previously reported on it.

Connection to the customer

After buying French retailer Philibert last year, Asmodee has apparently put out feelers to the United States in 2021. The US retailer Miniature Market was bought there, as the presentation video shows. There Asmodee arranges the retailers in the “Interactive” area. According to the information in the presentation, the aim of this division is to reach new target groups and build communities, but also to reflect customer trends.

There is not much information about the deal between Asmodee and Miniature Market. The actions are ultimately aimed at optimizing profit targets, as CEO Stéphane Carville also indicated in his remarks on the development of the global sales network. Accordingly, Asmodee is working closely with the acquired companies to increase their sales, from which the Asmodee Group also benefits.

Miniature Market is a retail store based in St. Louis, Missouri, with an additional store in Cave Springs. The number of employees is - depending on the source - between about 40 and 60. The annual turnover is between five and twelve million US dollars. In addition to its branch business, Miniature Market primarily operates online deliveries throughout the United States. The store's portfolio includes board games, role-playing games and miniatures including accessories.

With the acquisition of Miniature Market, Asmodee is stretching its feelers directly into the retail sector - in one of the world markets for parlor games.


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