Asmodee Germany reports an increase in sales of over 2021 percent for the past year 30. For the Essen sales department, this again means the "most successful year in the company's history". But that's not all: the outlook for 2022 is also positive. 

Asmodee is still chasing records: Last year, 2020 was announced as the most successful year in the company's history, and this is now being repeated for 2021. The corona pandemic is obviously not just an obstacle for Asmodee Germany, but also a motor.

"Asmodee Germany closes the year 2021 with the best result in the company's history to date," reports the Essen-based company.

Asmodee: sales growth of 32 percent

Although the past year was made even more difficult by the ongoing restrictions caused by Corona as well as logistics and delivery bottlenecks, the "expert for board games", according to the company motto, was able to increase annual sales by 32 percent compared to 2020. Asmodee not only exceeds its own growth of the previous year, but also eight times that Overall growth of the German market for games of around 4 percent.

This extraordinary financial year was made possible on the one hand by the "continuous and broad establishment of Asmodee's well-known and popular titles such as Zug um Zug, Dixit, Just One or Dobble". On the other hand, the Essen sales department states that it has been able to successfully position new games on the market, including Dune Imperium and Descent: Legenden der Dunkeln. The success of the dungeon crawler is a bit of a surprise, because the title is even visible in the market figures of the NPD Group, which are otherwise more focused on family games.

In addition, with Paleo as Expert game of the year, Zombie Teenz Evolution with the nomination for Game of the Year as well as Fabelwelten and Mia London, both of which were nominated for Children's Game of the Year, four "extremely successful titles will be anchored in the range", Asmodee is pleased to say

"We can be very satisfied with the past year," says Udo Fischer, new managing director of Asmodee Germany. "2021 was not easy for any of us, but Asmodee mastered the challenges together." The logistics and production bottlenecks were addressed early on and storage capacities and orders were increased. As a result, Asmodee was able to deliver almost all year round. And thanks to the extensive range, the sales department was able to offer alternatives at any time in the event of supply bottlenecks, which meant that the trade could continue to be supplied. "So last year we not only succeeded in expanding the presence of our well-known titles in retail, but also in establishing new titles directly in all channels," Fischer continues.

Recently, Asmodee Germany indicated with the exclusive sale of the new edition of The Lord of the Rings LCG what an essential task of the company is: to support the stationary specialist trade. Traders suffered and are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Asmodee had already wanted to take countermeasures in the past with various actions.

“It doesn't work without the specialist trade,” Fischer is convinced. "That's why we at Asmodee have given this customer group a lot of support in 2021 as well. With special measures that directly benefited the dealers on site, we wanted to stand by their side in what was still a difficult year." The Essen sales department explains its activities: These measures included above all the continuation of the which, among other things, helped against a financial burden with an extended payment term and again included free games for the shops. "We made 500 packages with around 18.000 individual games available to our customers in order to give them a helping hand again in the second year of the pandemic." Novelties and supporters equipped to bring customers into stores.

Digital events instead of on-site events

 In addition to the challenges of the global supply chains, the corona pandemic also had a major impact on Asmodee. “In 2021 we once again clearly and comprehensively kept the safety of our employees high. All colleagues continued to work from home for most of the year. At the same time, we coordinated presence in the office in such a way that distances and the maximum number of people could be maintained,” Udo Fischer looks back. The desire to protect employees was even clearer in the event area, which is so important for Asmodee and was again implemented completely digitally.

“In 2021 we decided early and openly against participating in physical events. That was very difficult for us because we really miss events and the joy of the people on site.” But thanks to various digital events, Asmodee was able to maintain and even expand contact with retailers, the media and the players last year. “We have learned a lot when it comes to our digital events. We are very much looking forward to getting back together with our customers and the players. But at the same time, we now see digital events as added value for our communication and will also integrate them this year.”

New cooperations

Asmodee Germany was also able to welcome new members to the Group family and sales partnerships in 2021. For example, since last year, the Essen distributor has been offering its customers games from PD Verlag as well as from Strohmann Games.

“We would like to offer our dealers a service where they can find a suitable game from us for almost every need. Our goal, which we will also be tackling more intensively in 2022, is to be a one-stop solution for retailers," explains Fischer. "In this context, I was also very pleased that Plan B became part of the Asmodee family last year and that we were also able to offer their great titles." This includes Azul, which was awarded Game of the Year 2018, and which Asmodee 2021 in started selling and which went straight into the top ten in sales in the first year. But the other and upcoming titles from the publisher also significantly strengthen the Asmodee range.

Within the The publisher already gave an outlook for 2022 when the new products were presented: numerous new game titles appear at Asmodee, something is happening in marketing, there is a push for efficiency. All measures are obviously aimed at further growth. Whether 2022 will be another “most successful company year” remains to be seen. In any case, Asmodee is very optimistic about the new year.

“We are well positioned and were able to set a lot of good impulses in the first month. Above all, we have already been able to enter into some new strong partnerships that will start this year," explains Managing Director Fischer. Lookout Games is now also part of the Asmodee sales network in Germany and well-known titles such as Patchwork, Agricola or Isle of Skye can be offered exclusively. There is also a sales cooperation with Spielworxx, which includes all German titles from the Ledergames publishing house, which is highly regarded by frequent gamers. Asmodee will initially include Oath in its range in 2021 and will also be able to offer the successful title Root in the course of the year.

Asmodee is also opening up new product ranges this year, such as puzzles or role-playing games, and is further expanding its range on the way to becoming a one-stop solution. At the same time, the range of children's games was significantly expanded and a long-term partnership was established with the well-known Toggo Toys brand from Super RTL, which is now including and widely promoting five Asmodee titles. Asmodee's product variety will also grow impressively this year. In the first half of the year alone, sales were able to present more than 100 new titles, from children's games to family games and expert titles, as well as new segments such as the Smart Egg puzzle games, high-quality and beautiful puzzles based on our Dixit motifs or Dungeons & Dragons.

"The year has only just begun, but we have already been able to provide some insights and still have a lot planned." And with a view to the coming year, Asmodee Germany's Managing Director Udo Fischer says: "I'm sure that in 2022 we will, with our passion for games, players and the market will once again lead Asmodee to an outstanding result and bring many great titles to the people along the way.”

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