Asmodee may be making a comeback in terms of attending on-site events. As it is said by the Essen publisher, the plan is to hold the toy fair in Nuremberg. This is expected to take place in February 2022 as a hybrid event.

Due to the Corona situation, Asmodee Germany played it safe and withdrew from on-site events. On the past Game 2021 in Essen the publisher was not there despite the home game. That could change next spring - Asmodee could then be represented at the toy fair in Nuremberg.

Learned to appreciate digital events

As bad as the corona pandemic is, it has also encouraged one or the other to rethink. In view of the contact restrictions and distance requirements, many companies had dispensed with physical events and instead established new formats in the digital sector - Asmodee had also held its past press conferences online. People have "learned to appreciate the advantages of digital events," says PR manager Robin de Cleur, who took on the role in front of the camera and moderated the digital events.

Asmodee Germany will also use an online format to present the spring innovations. However, a “double solution” is in sight: Asmodee is planning to appear at the toy fair in Nuremberg for the digital event in January.

Whether digital or on site, Asmodee has already announced one thing for the innovations of the first half of the year: it will be “extensive”.

It is currently uncertain whether and to what extent trade fair events will take place in the coming year. The corona virus is raging, in Germany the infection statistics are currently reaching record numbers: the federal and state governments are discussing significantly tougher corona protective measures, which primarily target the unvaccinated. The expansion of the 2G regulation is considered certain, and the introduction of a vaccination light appears likely.


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