Asmodee announces a new expansion for the multi-award winning card and guessing game Dixit. This should appear according to the Facebook page of Asmodee Germany in October of this year. We take a look at the Dixit base game, the expansions available to date and the information that has already been published on the new Dixit 7 Revelations game expansion.

Dixit - the basic game

Dixit is an association game for players aged eight and up and can be played with three to six players. The rules of the game are Dixit Easily understandable and quickly explained, so that even young players, after a short introduction to the game, can easily get into the fun of the game.

With the card and board game Dixit First, all players receive a bunny figure, which is placed on a scoreboard, and 6 game tiles; in addition, six cards are dealt to each player from a well-mixed and face-down deck consisting of 84 imaginatively designed picture cards. In the further course of the game this pile serves as a draw pile. When the game preparations are completed, the players choose a beginning narrator. He chooses a picture card from his hand and thinks about a short description. The description can be a rhyme or a sentence, an excerpt from a song or something completely different, individually chosen. If he has found a suitable description, he communicates this to his teammates.

Now it is the turn of the guessing foxes to play and choose a picture card from their own hand cards that matches the description of the narrator and give it to the narrator. He then mixes his specially selected card with those of his fellow players and then lays it out face up in the middle of the table.

The playing cards, which are now mixed up, are numbered consecutively by the narrator with the corresponding number tiles (1-6 depending on the number of players). Now the cleverest players have to guess which card might have belonged to the narrator. To do this, one of the game tiles is selected at the appropriate height and placed face down in front of you. If all players have chosen a tile, they are revealed at the same time. Depending on whether the selected number tiles match the result, for example the selected card is that of the narrator, the points achieved are distributed and the bunnies move on the scoreboard according to the score. Now it is the turn of the next narrator. The game continues until the last card has been drawn from the draw pile. At the end of the game, the glorious winner is determined on the scoreboard.

The board game Dixit is an ideal family game due to its easy comprehensibility, but it can also be played well on a game night with friends. The downside remains, for die-hard board game professionals the game will be more relaxation than serious gaming fun. However, art lovers and young philosophers will rave about the beautifully designed picture cards and get their money's worth.

The extensions to Dixit

Here we would like to give you a brief overview of the six expansions that have already been released.
It should be mentioned here that the expansion Says Odyssey is a modified version of the base game. The actual basic game Dixit is not required for this "extension", so it is not an extension in the strict sense of the word, but rather a new edition. Similar to the basic game Dixit, is the game Says Odyssey Addressed to players aged 8 and over, but can now be played with three to six or even seven to twelve players as a party variant. So it is ideal for larger game meetings.

In the game version for three to six players, nothing fundamental has changed in the rules of the game, apart from the external design of the game. This is different with the party version. Fundamental changes can be seen here. For example, in the party version of Dixit, each player only receives five picture cards in his hand, and the procedure for the narrator has also changed in this version of the game. The narrator can now let his imagination run wild; he may now give a description of a motif that does not have to be on one of his cards in hand. The rating system has also been changed, the players are now evaluating, in which the players first choose the motif that best fits the narrator's explanation; In addition, the narrator selects a card that, in his opinion, could be chosen most often by his fellow players.

Dixit 7: Revelations

The game has another special feature Says Odyssey in its game accessories, was in the base game Dixit still valued by means of evaluation tokens, this is now done by means of a game plug. These are put on a scoring board that each player receives at the beginning of the game.
The game board is also no longer anchored to the game box and can therefore be freely laid out on the playing field. There are also numbered storage spaces for the picture cards on the game board. Also worth mentioning is the increased storage space in the game box. In this way, the basic game also finds its right place in it. These extensions have also been released in stores:

Dixit 2 Quest - Illustrator, Marie Cardouat
Dixit 3 Journey - Illustrator, Xavier Collette
Dixit 4 Origins - Illustrator, Clement Lefevre
Dixit 5 Daydreams - Illustrator, Franck Dion
Dixit 6 Memories - Illustrators, Carine Hinder and Jerome Pelissier

These each contain 84 new picture cards, with different subject areas worked out by artists. Due to their regular appearance, the extensions do not even allow budding boredom for Dixit lovers.

Dixit 7 Revelations - What to Expect

The Dixit 7 Revelations Extension is to appear in German retailers in October of this year. The advance notice from Asmodee is already worthwhile. So should the new one Dixit Extension invite players to take a closer look at the magical and surrealistic Art Deco motifs. The player should recognize the unconscious and paradoxes in the small works of art by the French illustrator Marina Coudray. This shouldn't be difficult for the players, because the mystical-looking picture cards mix legendary myths and fairy tales with modern elements.

According to Asmodee, the story of Narcissus can be found on a map; According to a Greek myth, the latter perished out of an insatiable self-love. Marina Coudray cleverly manages to translate the myth of Narcissus into our modern world through a picture of a dinosaur taking a selfie while in the background a large comet is approaching the earth dangerously.

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