Just in time for the start of the new year, Udo Fischer is also starting his new role as Managing Director of Asmodee Germany, the publisher announced. He had managed sales since 2016 and "established Asmodee with important customers". 

Industry veteran Udo Fischer is starting out as the new CEO with a clear goal: He wants to further strengthen Asmodee's role as an "expert for board games" and expand Essen sales into a one-stop solution for all customers and players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland .

Asmodee 2022: two "completely new" range areas

“Asmodee has shown a great development in the last few years, which I have been working closely with with great pleasure. But I know that there is a lot more potential in this great company, ”says Udo Fischer, CEO of Asmodee Germany. “It will be my job to turn this potential into success. I want both retailers and gamers to find everything they are looking for in games at Asmodee. And with our fantastic team and our assortment, which ranges from children's games to expert titles, I am sure that I will be able to achieve this goal. "

With the start of the new management, Alexis Desplats and Alexander Dubynski's time at Asmodee Germany will also end. Desplats had headed the company since 2019. Dubynski, who was also the managing director of ADC Blackfire GmbH, was initially COO at Asmodee Germany, until the beginning of 2021 they both jointly managed the companies as co-CEOs. While Alexis Desplats returns to France and takes on new roles at the Asmodee Group, Alexander Dubynski will continue to take on a leading role at Blackfire.

The two experienced managing directors have achieved a lot for Asmodee, according to the publisher. Udo Fischer sums up: “Alexis and Alexander successfully restructured Asmodee for three years and ensured significant growth and improvements - a good foundation for further development. Without your excellent work, my job would be a lot more difficult. "

Yvette Vaessen is breaking new ground

Yvette Vaessen, who as Commercial Director Asmodees has significantly shaped marketing and sales, will also break new ground. From November 2018 on, Vaessen had established the Commercial Department at Asmodee and thus closely linked sales and marketing. Now the marketing expert would like to tackle new tasks and her own creative projects.

“Yvette has taken our marketing to a completely new level. The Commercial Department in its current form made your successful restructuring possible. And Asmodee will benefit from the introduction of new marketing strategies and tools for a long time to come, ”says Udo Fischer.

Even if 2022 will bring challenges due to the ongoing corona situation as well as supply chain and resource bottlenecks, Udo Fischer is looking forward to his new tasks.

“The past few years have shown that we can reach people even in difficult times - physically and digitally. Asmodee is excellently positioned in terms of storage capacity and range. We are also starting this year with two completely new product ranges that we will be presenting at the end of January. We have strong partners and would like to win more. I look forward to continuing this positive development together with my management team and to realizing my vision of the one-stop solution for Asmodee. "

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