Asmodee presented the innovations for spring 2022 at a live stream event - there are more than in years. The publishing house based in Essen not only brings board and card games onto the market: the portfolio is expanded to include new product groups. 

Asmodee Germany is starting the new year with a bang and is aggressive in a way. Several personnel changes underline that they obviously have big plans. The sheer number of spring novelties already indicates where the journey for the publishing house should go in 2022. Asmodee's spokesman, Robin de Cleur, counted 115 new products. "That's really blatant," was his conclusion minutes later in conversation with the new managing director of the publishing house, Udo Fischer. The boss let himself be looked at at least the top cards in his hand and got a glimpse of future projects. There are quite a few of these, and some that are new to Asmodee.

Asmodee pushes for expansion

Something quickly became clear at Asmodee Germany's first press event of the new year: people are not satisfied with what has been achieved so far. Managing Director Udo Fischer confirms this: "We're not where we want to be yet," says Fischer, who is referring to the area of ​​children's games. This is exactly where the Essen sales unit wants to gain a stronger foothold in the future. The publisher already gave a foretaste with the extremely successful cooperative board games “Zombie Teenz Evolution” by Annick Lobet and by Le Scorpion masqué as well as the predecessor “Zombie Kids Evolution”. The Teenz version even ended up on the shortlist for Game of the Year 2021 and finally had to MicroMacro: Crime City give up.

Asmodee has put together a strategic marketing package in order to be able to reach children and their parents accurately, including a cooperation with Super RTL's Toggo label and the long-standing experience of the station behind it, as marketing manager Marco Diekmann revealed. With a TV spot, Zombie Teenz Evolution will be brought to the screens in an effective way. The aim is to “make the colorful world of games come alive”.

Asmodee's spokesman Robin de Cleur presented the innovations for 2022. Photo: Asmodee/Youtube

Asmodee's spokesman Robin de Cleur presented the innovations for 2022. Photo: Asmodee/Youtube

And there are two other segments in which Asmodee wants to be active in the future: puzzles and role-playing games. In both divisions, Asmodee Germany is thus competing with publishers that are already established there. However, construction and expansion will take place step by step – and then with new approaches. In the puzzle area, Asmodee is starting with a Dixit series, in which the artistic illustrations of the board game are intended to serve as designs for puzzles.

In order to create an additional incentive to buy, exclusive cards will be included that can be used in the template and cannot be obtained in any other way. Clever, because it didn't exist in this form on the mass market. The role-playing games are much more conservative: Dungeons and Dragons will be distributed at the start in cooperation with Blackfire.

There will be four works, each with high-quality workmanship. After all, you put the books on the shelf, notes Asmodee boss Udo Fischer. With these innovations, Asmodee is also daring to venture into a market area that other publishers have hitherto served to a greater extent. And it shouldn't stay with the above, you just can't reveal everything at the moment. In any case, it seems certain that there will also be puzzles for children in the future: "Children's puzzles will be an issue," says Fischer. Of the new publishing boss has also identified a growth market for books, these "by-products" already exist for some brands, such as Arkham Horror.

Great Wall German Asmodee

The Great Wall is one of Asmodee's 2022 novelties. Image: Publisher

Asmodee wants to underpin its self-imposed role as an “expert on games”. Not only through the product portfolio, but also in terms of personnel: Managing Director Fischer announces that they want to become stronger in training. There should be job advertisements, but also further training and qualification measures. "We have a clear idea of ​​what our needs are," says Fischer.

Asmodee wants to become more independent of global challenges (read: problems) as far as possible. The corona pandemic had apparently touched the wound: difficulties in production, but above all in the supply chains, caused delays for many publishers. Asmodee wants to be able to at least compensate for disruptions in the supply chain, should this be necessary. They are therefore taking preventive action and are expanding their storage capacities. With other factors, such as the production itself or the raw materials, you have no control, explains Fischer. He cites plastics as an example.

In any case, one of the publisher's goals is to become a "one-stop solution" for board games. A lot from a single source, that's how it could be translated - this should appeal primarily to retailers who, thanks to intensified sales cooperation, could order non-publisher products directly from Asmodee. A recent example: Hasbro's new version of HeroQuest. This is not so interesting for frequent players, explains Asmodee's PR man Robin de Cleur, but all the more so for retailers.

my first roleplaying game german Asmodee

Asmodee continues to push for children's games. Image: Publisher

Because there have also been changes at the top of the marketing department, Asmodee should also want to act with new freshness in this area of ​​the company. With Birthe Hesterman an "expert for data-driven marketing" has been brought in. What sounds unspectacular could have far-reaching strategic consequences: "Data Driven Marketing" means efficiency - and it aims, among other things, to be able to understand the needs of customers by making success - for example of campaigns - measurable. We also remind you that the Asmodee Group had bought the US seller Miniature Market, among other things, in order to "be able to better understand the customers". This is exactly one starting point of data-oriented marketing.

Asmodee: new games in spring 2022

Asmodee not only presented plans for entrepreneurial developments, but also board and card games as well as expansions and other toys. The list is long:

Already in stock:
  • 5211: Azul Edition by NextMove
  • Agricola by Lookout Games
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Wave 13, Wave 14 and Wave 15 of CMON miniatures
First Quarter 2022
  • Agricola: bog farmer by lookout games
  • Hallertau by Lookout Games
  • patchwork fabric by Lookout Games
  • Great Plains by Lookout Games
  • prehistories by Blackrock Games
  • Robo Chaos by Plaid Hat Games
  • Star Wars - X-Wing: Gauntlet Fighter by Atomic Mass Games
  • Star Wars - X Wing: Razorcrest by Atomic Mass Games
  • Star Wars - X-Wing: Pride of Mandalore by Atomic Mass Games
  • Star Wars: Jabba's Palace - A Love Letter Game by Z-Man Games
  • by Cranio Creations
  • Underdogs by 1 More Time Games
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Machinations in Time | Scenario Pack by FFG
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Dunwich Legacy | Expansion by FFG
  • Marvel Champions: The Card Game - The Mad Titan's Shadowby FFG
  • Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Venom by FFG
  • Dobble Star Wars - The Mandalorian by Zygomatic
  • Fable Worlds - New Adventures by lifestyle board games
  • Time's Up! Harry Potter by Repos Production
  • The Great Wall by Awaken Realms
  • The Great Wall - Gunpowder by Awaken Realms
  • The Great Wall—Stretch Goals by Awaken Realms
  • The Great Wall - Ancient Spirits by Awaken Realms
  • Mondrian Blocks - Blue Edition by Smart Egg
  • Mondrian Blocks – White Edition by Smart Egg
  • Smart Egg 2-Layer Blue Dragon by Smart Egg
  • Smart Egg 1-Layer ZigZag by Smart Egg
  • Smart Egg 1-Layer Lava by Smart Egg
  • Smart Egg 1-Layer Robo by Smart Egg
Second quarter of 2022
  • Pandemic Iberia by Z-Man Games
  • The Battle of Runedar by Ludonova
  • Sword & Sorcery - The Ancient Chronicles by Ares Games
  • Unlock! – Legendary Adventures by Space Cowboys
  • Jamaica - The Crew by Space Cowboys
  • Yak from Plan B
  • Riftforce-Beyond by 1 More Time Games
  • Sinister motifs by FFG
  • The Lord of the Rings The Card Game - Starter Decks by FFG
  • double minions by Zygomatic
  • Jamaica – Sonic Super Teams by Space Cowboys
  • Gorynich by lifestyle board games
  • MARI and the crazy factory by lifestyle board games
  • Stranger Things - Attack of the Mind Flayer by Repos Production
  • Exploding Kittens - 2 Player Edition by Exploding Kittens
  • Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition by Exploding Kittens
  • Poetry for Neanderthals by Exploding Kittens
  • dominations by Holy Grail Games
  • Zombicide 2nd Edition – Washington ZC by CMON
  • Zombicide 2nd Edition – Fort Hendrix by CMON
  • Keystone—North America by Rose Gauntlet
  • Grand Austria Hotel by Lookout Games
Third quarter of 2022
  • Familial Tales by Plaid Hat Games
  • Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Task Force by Space Cowboys
  • Zombicide BP – Murder of Crows by CMON
  • Zombicide BP – Zombie Bosses by CMON
  • Ankh - Guardian Set by CMON
  • Ankh - Pharaoh by CMON
  • Ankh—Pantheon by CMON
  • Escape box pirates from 404 onboard
  • Escape Box Dinosaurs from 404 onboard
  • My first escape game from 404 onboard
  • My first roleplay from 404 onboard
  • Tiny Epic Pirates by Gamelyn
  • Tiny Epic Pirates - Curse of Amdak by Gamelyn
  • Tiny Epic Dungeons by Gamelyn
  • Tiny Epic Dungeons - Stories by Gamelyn
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! by Gamelyn
Without release information
  • Dixit - Puzzle Collection by Libellud


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