Asmodee turns the warm months into a summer of games: With an advertising campaign and targeted social media marketing, the Essen-based publisher wants to encourage family gamers in particular to play parlor games – and also to buy them.

During the summer holidays Asmodee starts a Germany-wide advertising campaign with retail, online advertising and social media activities. Under the motto "Go out and play", the Essen distributor is advertising six "outstanding games" for the summer, the publisher reports.

Game advertising in stores and online

This summer, Asmodee Germany invites you to play and launches the high-reach campaign "Get out and play". During the summer holidays, the Essen-based Brettspiel-Verlag puts a special focus on games with a marketing mix that "allows families and friends to enjoy the hot time together".

With strong activations on social media and online advertising, the aim is to increase awareness of the six games featured in the campaign, including retailers. Asmodee has selected the following summer highlights from its portfolio: Top Ten, Dobble Waterproof, Just One, Get Packing, Velomino and Werewolves from Mirkwood.

As part of the large-scale campaign, Asmodee will run continuous advertising across all channels for the six summer games from June 27th to August 7th - then with specially created graphics and slogans to highlight each game and get people to play and buy to animate. In addition to its own channels and paid media, Asmodee also invites retailers to join the campaign and use it for their channels. In this way, the Essen distribution company would like to support retailers throughout Germany in selling the right games during the holiday season.

In addition to the promotions on external channels, Asmodee also has the website on which the campaign and the games will also be presented from Friday, June 24th.

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