Board Game Arena is part of the Asmodee family. In other words: The publishing house, based in Essen, Germany, has bought the game platform. The Asmodee Group with its subsidiary Asmodee Digital had long since not only put one foot in the door of digital board games, but had long since entered the room. With the acquisition of the Board Game Arena, the company now wants to “drive innovations worldwide”. Fans and platform founders alike should be delighted, among other things because the “Arena” will now receive significantly more attention.

Playing board games digitally together is the basic idea behind the Board Game Arena platform, which is now part of the Asmodee Group. In 2020, Grégory Isabelli and Emmanuel Colin created the online offering, which has since developed into the market leader in the segment. Instead of 3D graphics including physical effects, such as those found in the tabletop simulator, the Board Game Arena relies on a simpler look, more in the 2D area.

Faster access to Asmodee titles

Much does not change with the acquisition: As Asmodee Germany reports, the Board Game Arena will remain as an independent unit. Both pricing and stock selection are in the hands of the founders. With the acquisition of the platform, there will be more than just Asmodee board games there in the future.

Nevertheless: One reason for the move is likely to be able to bring the publisher's own game titles to the digital platform more quickly. The "release of the successful Asmodee titles that players have long been waiting for" will be accelerated at Board Game Arena, according to the publisher.

The game platform includes more than 250 official online implementations of games, supported in 40 languages. The Board Game Arena has more than five million members worldwide. Board games from Asmodee and sales partners were also available before the purchase: The constantly updated range includes titles such as Carcassonne by Hans im Glück, Jaipur by Space Cowboys or 7 Wonders by Repos.

Asmodee is also enjoying success in the digital sector with its classics: According to the publisher, 7 Wonders has been played over four million times since the adaptation was published in 2018.

Since its inception, the “Arena” has grown continuously. In 2020, the platform was able to - analogous to the growth in sales, among others at Ravensburger, Cosmos, Hasbro or Asmodee - Record a growth of 600 percent. For the Asmodee group a “clear sign of enthusiasm for board games, be it with the family or at a distance”.

In order to expand the market position and drive development, the management of the Board Game Arena decided to join Asmodee, the publisher explains. Both companies have known each other for a long time and this step enables Asmodee to accelerate the availability of its important titles on the platform.

Asmodee and partner titles were already available. Image: BGA

Asmodee and partner titles were already available. Image: BGA

Founding duo Grégory Isabelli and Emmanuel Colin comment: “Working with Asmodee allows us to continue our massive growth with a partner who shares our love and passion for board games. For us, Asmodee fulfills a "sine qua non" criterion: that BGA always belongs to absolute board game fans whose core business is board games. "

At Asmodee, too, the strategy revolves around a central thought: “Our growth is based on a core idea: to offer the best gaming experience and to bring our titles to the largest possible audience,” says Thomas Koegler, Head of Strategy at Asmodee. A platform that enables players from all over the world to meet and play their favorite games together or discover new titles is a “perfect match for our impressive portfolio of board games”.

We are already looking to the future. Skull and Splendor should be made available on the platform in the next few weeks. However, this is only a first step, as can be seen from the information provided by Asmodee. The two games will be “the first in a long list of Asmodee games to be released on the platform”.


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