Gamegenic, Asmodee's accessory design studio, is collaborating with CMON in the future, bringing appropriate "gear" to the publishers behind board games like Bloodborne: The Board Game, Zombicide, or Rising Sun. The new partnership will kick off on August 4th, the day CMON will launch the Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape Kickstarter campaign.

Gamegenic will design officially licensed accessories for CMON products, that's for sure. What exactly it will be, however, is still a big secret. The accessories are intended to enrich the gaming experience, which is also evident from the publication of CMON Limited on the partnership with Gamegenic. The rest will remain a secret, for now. At the latest with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Massive Darkness 2, players will know more.

Officially licensed accessories - the rest is (still) secret 

Marking August 4th in red on your calendar is therefore not only worthwhile for fans of the fantasy miniature game Massive Darkness, but also for those who value board game accessories. Even if equipment specially geared towards Massive Darkness 2 will presumably be presented at the launch and accompany the start of the Kickstarter campaign, there could be clues as to what might come next.

Geoff Skinner, Director of Licensing at CMON comments: “At CMON we love quality and always strive for perfection. The Gamegenic line is by far the best out there and they put a lot of care and attention into their products.”

We are excited to be working with the Asmodee subsidiary and can't wait for fans to use the incredible accessories. Skinner calls Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape the "inauguration title" for the new partnership. The boss about the licenses then dares to make a statement about the enrichment of the gaming experience.

Gamegenic boss Adrian Alonso is also impressed by the cooperation: "CMON has made a major contribution to increasing the popularity of board games." The Gamegenic products would fit "perfectly" with the CMON philosophy.

Asmodee subsidiary Gamegenic designs accessories for board and card games. Image rights: Gamegenic

Asmodee subsidiary Gamegenic designs accessories for board and card games. Image rights: Gamegenic

What is certain is that the new accessories will accompany CMON's crowdfunding campaigns, so they can be ordered directly via Kickstarter. The accessories could then also be available through Asmodee, in Germany Asmodee takes over the distribution of CMON games - and there is also a cooperation for distribution in the USA. As a stock corporation, CMON Limited is one of the few board game publishers that is traded on the stock exchange.

Together, CMON and Gamegenic want to announce further details in the coming weeks. In any case, Gamegenic is entering the market more noticeably, especially in the United States. Official accessories for the classic Catan will also be available there in September, although initially limited to the wooden version of the board game.

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