The Asmodee Group has announced the acquisition of Plan B Games and thus the brands Next Move, Plan B, Pretzel Games and Eggertspiele. From May, Plan B's board and card games will be available through Asmodee. Several popular games have appeared under the brands, including Great Western Trail, Azul or Camel Up.  

Before the summer, the brands Next Move, Plan B Games, Pretzel Games and Eggertspiele will be overflowing Asmodee. The publisher has taken over the Plan B Games group, which has been active in the form since 2016. 18 employees work for this in Canada and Germany. Sophie Gravel founded the group, which has since published successful games under its brands that have won various awards relevant to the game industry, including the "Game of the Year" and "Kennerspiel des Jahres" awards.

Board game for Prison A.

The portfolio of the Plan B Games group includes Azul. The game has been sold over two million times worldwide, translated into 35 languages ​​and has received multiple awards. The awards in 2018 include, among others, the “Game of the Year”, “German Game Prize” and the “As d'Or” awards, which are prestigious in the gaming world. Thanks to the simple and quickly learned rules, the outstanding material and the visually appealing design, Azul still inspires players and critics. The placement game has been successful on the market for years.

Plan B's other award-winning games include Camel Up, the "Game of the Year 2014"; Century, a trilogy that has been translated into 23 languages ​​and received the Golden Geek Award for best card game in 2017, and Great Western Trail, which is one of the ten best games of all time on the BoardGameGeek platform.

"We want to offer unforgettable gaming experiences"
Sophie Gravel, CEO of Plan B Games

"I am very pleased that the Plan B Games family will be part of the great Asmodee team," says Sophie Gravel, CEO of Plan B Games: The extensive network will give the Plan B titles a broader sales base and a larger community of offer to players worldwide. "We will continue to strive to release games with the same care and attention to detail that has always been our driving force," Gravel said. The company's goal remains the same: "We want to offer unforgettable gaming experiences, both through the depth of the gameplay and through high-quality material."

Stéphane Carville, CEO of the Asmodee Group, adds: “The Plan B Games Group has proven its creativity and aesthetic sense year after year by developing very successful games like Azul, which of course finds its place among ours next to each other Pillars brands. We are very pleased that Sophie Gravel and her teams, with whom we have built a close partnership over the years, will join our group and contribute to the development of our range of games. "

Asmodee Germany can thus expand its board game portfolio to include other high-quality classics, but also new products, such as Alma Mater, Beez or Equinox. As of May 2021, all Plan B Games titles will be available exclusively from Asmodee in Germany, the Essen-based publisher announced. With the acquisition of Plan B Games, Asmodee is also indirectly buying awards. A total of eight titles are now awarded the "game of the year"Marketed and sold by the Essen company: Just One (2019), Azul (2018), Codenames (2016), Colt Express (2015), Camel Up (2014), Dixit (2010), Zug und Zug (2004) and Carcassonne ( 2001).

There is no information on the sums that have flowed in connection with the acquisition.

Source: Asmodee


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