Asmodee is releasing a number of new board games related to SPIEL'21 - but the Essen-based publishing house is not taking part in the fair itself this year. So that players can still try out the new products, Asmodee is launching the “Back in the GAME ... in your city” campaign. You can then browse the publisher's portfolio on site in various game stores.

They are clever at Asmodee: SPIEL'21 in Essen is being refrained from this year - at least from it understandable reasons. However, the publisher does not want to completely do without appropriate marketing for the international game days in the Gruga-Halle - and is therefore launching a campaign to catch those fans who also do not make their way to Essen. Asmodee is bringing exclusive board games to stationary retailers in 61 cities in Germany and Austria for the games fair. “If you don't want to go to the SPIEL in Essen, you can browse the shop right away,” the publisher invites.

Play Asmodee novelties in the store

The world's largest board game fair will finally open its doors again from October 14th in Essen - and in over 60 cities in Germany and Austria. Because not every board game fan can or wants to take the trip to the fair, Asmodee is again offering the opportunity to discover and buy exclusive fair novelties on your own doorstep. With the "Back in the SPIEL ... in your city" campaign, the Essen-based board game expert is bringing many new products to stationary retail outlets from October 14th to 17th and giving players the opportunity to experience their trade fair feeling on site.

As part of the campaign, around ten exclusive trade fair innovations will be tested and purchased. These include highlights such as the expansion A New Beginning for Paleo, the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021, the special card game Fort or the brand new family game from the 7 Wonders series 7 Wonders Architects. With special goodies that would otherwise only have been available at the trade fair, there is even more of a trade fair feeling on site.

Information about the games and participating stores can be found on the website The shops are spread across the whole of Germany (plus Austria). Of course, with AllGames4You, Spielbasis Ruhr and White Rabbit, locations directly in Essen are also included. So if you don't want to venture into the Gruga Hall, but at least want to see what's going on in the gaming capital from the outside, you can combine the excursion with a visit to one of the local shops. Otherwise, the locations on the map run from north to south and east to west like a red thread: from Berlin to Dortmund and Bremen to Munich there are many cities represented.

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