Asmodee Germany is once again stepping up the pace when it comes to publishing new board games. By the first quarter of 2023, the publishing and distribution giant from Essen will have almost 80 new board games. The programme: colorfully mixed. 

Don't make a mess, but big - this motto was probably taken to heart at Asmodee for the annual finale. The publisher is bringing almost 80 new games to the market around the SPIEL in Essen and afterwards until the first quarter of 2023. Among them are some top-class ones, such as Nemesis: Lockdown, the follow-up title to the alien board game thriller Nemesis. The Essen-based publishing giant also serves fans of popular franchises: new games about Harry Potter, Starnger Things and Marvel are on the program. And then there's "3000 Scoundrels," a fan-anticipated title on the new release list that's set to hit the ground running early in the fourth quarter. 

Asmodee: Full program for children and adults

As soccer fans would put it, the Asmodee group as a whole isn't known for tiki-taka, instead relying on fast forays through the middle. This is reflected in the new product range of the German sales department: the list is long. However, Asmodee Germany serves almost all target groups: children, occasional gamers, connoisseurs and experts, fans of certain brands and franchises, unusual new releases - from the third quarter a colorful bouquet of games will be presented. 

Highlights stand out, of course. With 3000 scoundrels At the beginning of the last quarter of the year, a game awaited by fans appears with a mysterious as well as quite fresh theme: A traveler has brought nothing but chaos and strife to our tranquil western town. Now he's suddenly gone, leaving his relics behind. We have to find them and monetize them - but we're not the only ones looking for them. The feds will be here soon, so let's grab what we can.

3000 Scoundrels is a family game in which each player leads a gang to collect the mysterious traveller's abandoned technologies. “Hire helpers who bring new combinations into play thanks to a transparent job card and an attribute card,” writes Asmodee. “The valuable technological equipment is rumored to be safely stored in safes. Every safe you steal is worth tech points at the end. Whoever has collected the most points wins”. This takes 60 to 90 minutes per game. 


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Fans of crazy games with extremely stupid titles look forward to the ten-minute rounds of “Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - Totally Twisted“. The idea of ​​the game: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: You have to say this while laying down your cards. If the term fits the card, react quickly and strike, otherwise you have to take the whole stack. You want to get rid of all your cards. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Twisted Twist is a standalone twist on this crazy reaction game.

The game basically runs according to the well-known rules, but is expanded by a twisted trick: Some cards show the crazy pictures from behind. These backside cards must be hit with the back of the hand at the right moment. There are also three brand new animals to imitate: moose, panda and sea lion. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Twisted Turns your game night upside down with its fast-paced gameplay.

Exploding Kittens goes into a new round, the 18xx series with 1880: China also gets a new offshoot. The Great Western Trail can now be found in Argentina, and Asmodee also has a few other signs of brand recycling: Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, Arkham Horror, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Ticket to Ride - the Essen-based publishing giant also understands it masterful at keeping popular game series alive or reviving them. 

All the novelties 2022 from Asmodee

Already commercially available

Ticket to Ride: San Francisco

Welcome to the Bay! Your pockets are full of souvenirs as you casually lean out of the cable car. The sun shimmers through the fog, through which the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz can only be dimly seen. San Francisco is truly a city of gold with much more to discover.
Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is a sleek and simple take on the popular family classic Ticket to Ride in a compact format. In the game, you race to the city's most famous landmarks within 15 minutes, collecting souvenirs along the way to score points. Sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies, Alcatraz and many more await you. Probably the most famous trams in the world serve as means of transport and game figures: the cable cars.

Ticket to Ride: Scary Ride

On Halloween, you love listening to Mom's spooky stories: "Not only did we ask for trick-or-treating, we also explored all the mysterious places in town. From the haunted house to the terrifying swamp to the secret grotto. But I'm sure you'll want to discover all of that for yourself. Well then, let’s go!”.

Ticket to Ride: Scary Ride is a simplified children's version of the popular Halloween-themed family classic Ticket to Ride. In the game, you collect and play float cards to use routes between different locations in a spooky small town. Whoever manages to race to enough spooky places with their own ghost wagons first wins the game. With its simple rules and short gameplay, the game is the perfect and chilling introduction to the world of Ticket to Ride.

Hotel Ghost Fright

You and your ghost friends sneaked into a hotel at night and did some mischief. You moved furniture, made noise and - oh my - you woke up the hotel guests! You'd better sneak out again or there'll be trouble. Find your way out and don't let the guests see you.

In Hotel Geisterschreck you have to cross the entrance hall of a hotel without being seen by the guests peeking through the keyholes in their rooms. You can move the 3D furniture and hide behind it. But your friends may be playing tricks on you and stealing your cover. Move as many of your ghosts from one side to the other as possible. However, any ghosts visible through the keyhole at the end of the round must start over.

Preview Product Rating Price
Letheia | Ghost Fright Hotel | child's play | board game | 2-4... Letheia | Ghost Fright Hotel | child's play | board game | 2-4... * Currently no reviews 24,99 EUR
Unlock! Game Adventures

The escape room and puzzle adventures of the Unlock! series continue. In Unlock! Game Adventures, the tenth box in the successful series, three special cases await you. Experience exciting puzzles and stories about the popular board games Zug um Zug, Mysterium and Pandemic. As always, the free app brings new ways to expand the gaming experience.

In the train to train adventure you write the story of your life as a journalist on an eventful journey through the United States. In the second adventure, you enter the Warwick mansion of mystery and experience a dark murder investigation full of visions. And in the Pandemic adventure, you must secure the future of humanity as a pandemic threatens the world. You don't need to know the rules of the corresponding games to play these adventures.

Stranger Things: Save Hawkins

Stranger Things: Save Hawkins is a secret identity bluffing game set in the universe of the Netflix cult series. Embodies the series heroes and together they protect Hawkins from the Mind Flayer's attack. Each of you pursues a secret goal and tries to prevent your friends from fulfilling theirs. So you never know who to trust.

Stranger Things: Save Will & Elf!

Experience an escape game in the world of the cult series: In Stranger Things: Save Will & Elf! you dive into a fantastic adventure in Hawkins. In 15 chapters you have to save your friend from the Demogorgon. You can only free Will if you solve all the puzzles and tasks in time. An optional web app makes your adventure even more alive.

Stranger Things: The Big Quiz

In Stranger Things: The Big Quiz you compete against each other and test your knowledge about your favorite series. Discover almost 200 questions in three categories and prove to everyone that you know the world of Stranger Things best. Do you know all the quotes, iconic moments of the series and anecdotes about the actors or their characters?

Some questions can only be answered immediately if you are an absolute Stranger Things expert. That's why you get a second chance with some cards, but you never know when that is because it only becomes clear after the answer. So think carefully about your answers. As soon as one of you draws the Demogorgon card, the game ends immediately and you count your points. And when you're not quizzing, the box in the form of an arcade machine is a real eye-catcher for the shelf.

double collector

Experience Dobble in a very special way with Dobble Collector. The special edition contains two decks of 55 extra large cards each. Half of the cards feature gold party symbols like clown, party hat and ice cream, while the other half features glow-in-the-dark symbols like haunted house, skull and vampire.

In the Dobble Collector reaction game, you all play at the same time and try to be the first to find the symbol that matches two cards. Shout it out loud and depending on the game variant, get rid of your cards as quickly as possible or collect as many as possible. But be careful: the shape and color of a symbol are always the same, but the size can vary. Suddenly a small hat seems to look completely different than a big one.

Top Ten 18+

"Honey, I bought condoms that taste like..." Get creative and complete the sentence according to your secret number from one to ten, from yuck to yummy. Top Ten 18+ is the adult version of the fun party game and Game of the Year nominee Top Ten. A team captain has to classify the answers, but does not know which number belongs to whom.

1880: Chinese

1880: China is a railway construction and stock game. In classic 18XX fashion, you compete to make the most money. To do this, you buy and sell shares in China's historic railway companies, expand route networks and run trains. The more successfully the company was launched, the more valuable your shares will be. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakens

The Hero Expansion The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game—Angmar Awakens contains eight heroes and all player cards from the original The Lost Kingdom expansion and the Angmar Awakens Cycle Adventure Packs. Adventure through Middle-earth with well-known characters like Aragorn and Arwen and defeat dangerous enemies.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakens

In the campaign expansion The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakens, you will fight alongside the Dúnedain to defend Eriador and uncover the source of the evil. In a nine-scenario campaign, you have to face orcs, trolls, ghosts and insidious villains who have fallen into the art of dark sorcery.

Late third quarter of 2022

Sword & Sorcery: The Ancient Chronicles - Opponent Challenges

The Enemy Challenges expansion includes variants of all the base enemies from the base game Sword & Sorcery: The Ancient Chronicles and offers 16 new creatures with their own enemy figures, enemy parchments and enemy cards. This allows you to customize each adventure from Sword & Sorcery: The Ancient Chronicles and choose the level of difficulty that's right for you.

Sword & Sorcery: The Ancient Chronicles - Archenemies

The Sword & Sorcery: The Ancient Chronicles - Archenemies expansion includes ten new and unique archenemies that reflect the classes and heroes. In addition, the White Tiger can be summoned to fight alongside the Archenemies. Also included in this expansion are Friendship Ability Cards that give the heroes new abilities.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Scarlet Keys

The investigator expansion Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Scarlet Keys includes six new investigators: doctor Vincent Lee, Kymani Jones, operator Amina Zidane, photographer Darrell Simmons and politician Charlie Kane. There are also new player cards and customizable cards that you can tailor specifically to your deck.

Twilight Inscription

The Lazax Empire had burned to ashes, overthrown by its own subjects. The galaxy fell into a dark age, the factions retreated to their home worlds. Only now do they look back to the stars and they dream of the old splendor of their civilizations and a future in which they determine the fortunes of the galaxy.

Twilight Inscription is an epic roll&write game set in the Twilight Imperium universe. Each of you plays one of the 24 factions that want to leave their mark on the galaxy from their home world. Through technological superiority, military power and economic performance on your boards you want to gain supremacy in the galaxy and victory points. Dozens of possible strategies and exciting event cards ensure that every game is different.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Mutant Genesis

The world always needs heroes. In order to truly create peace, we sometimes need to put our differences aside and focus on doing what is right. That's exactly what the X-Men do, and their story is about their struggle to protect a world that hates and fears them.

With Mutant Genesis, the X-Men and their deadly foes make a big appearance in Marvel Champions: The Card Game. The massive expansion includes five new scenarios featuring iconic villains from the X-Men universe: Sabretooth, Sentinels, The Brotherhood, and Magneto. These can be combined into an action-packed campaign. Rise to the challenge with the two new Hero Decks, Shadowcat and Colossus. During the campaign, you can level up your deck and make decisions that affect later scenarios.

Precognition - The gift of precognition

A catastrophe changed the world forever. Almost all of humanity was wiped out in a matter of weeks. However, the immune algae were finally discovered in the Great River. Thanks to her, a new species evolved: the Ymune. They have the gift of precognition, which they use to save the surviving humans.

In Precognition, you are Ymune, navigating the river while bringing people onto your ship. But you need food, medical staff and protective Ymune. Your gift is represented by the dual select system. Each round you draw cards that you can keep, pass on and get. So you can guess what cards you have in your next turn. In three game modes (competitive, cooperative or in teams), the goal is to save the most healthy people.

Trial by Trolley - Rails & Modifiers

The X-Rated SM Expansion: Rails & Modifiers for the party game Trial by Trolley contains 100 terrifying Rails cards and 100 even more terrifying new modifier cards. Get back on the tracks and make decisions that, thanks to risqué cards and even darker humor, will heat up the mood at the gaming table.

Exploding Kittens: Recipes for Disasters

Exploding Kittens: Recipes for Disaster includes everything you need for the ultimate Exploding Kittens experience. In addition to 121 hand-picked cards from the basic game and the well-known extensions, the popular Collar of Shame is also returning. If you like it a little spicier, you can try out over a dozen game variants with the new “Recipes” element.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - Totally Twisted

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: You must recite this while discarding your cards. If the term fits the card, react quickly and strike, otherwise you have to take the whole stack. You want to get rid of all your cards. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Twisted Twist is a standalone twist on this crazy reaction game.

The game basically runs according to the well-known rules, but is expanded by a twisted trick: Some cards show the crazy pictures from behind. These backside cards must be hit with the back of the hand at the right moment. There are also three brand new animals to imitate: moose, panda and sea lion. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Twisted Turns your game night upside down with its fast-paced gameplay!

13 words

Connect words, guess correctly and beat the high score! 13 Words is an accessible and cooperative party game where you try to get the highest score together. In each round you try to guess the word that your captain has chosen.

The captain associates the word in the middle with one of the twelve words on display and places the answer wheel face down on the corresponding number. Everyone else also spins their answer wheel face down, marking the card they think the captain has chosen. If you guessed your captain correctly, you get points. The game ends as soon as there is only one card left on the outside of the game board. Didn't get the full score? Don't give up, you will improve from game to game.

zero to 100

What percentage of the day do koalas spend sleeping? How many times is the word "Macarena" sung in the song Macarena? In Null bis 100 – The general knowledge game about general ignorance, you want to get rid of your cards in teams and estimate which of your card answers comes closest to the target number. The team with only one question card left wins.

Fake That!

Fake That! is a quiz game where you can also win with wrong answers. You are lamb and foxes, with the lamb changing every round. The lamb asks a question at the beginning of each round, but only one fox gives the right answer. The Lamb gradually excludes the liars, but must not choose the person who tells the truth.


How would you draw… orange things?… hum songs about wind?… explain influential women?… mime internet phenomena? HINT is a game in which you give your team hints - depending on the card by drawing, explaining, miming or humming. Use your imagination to lead your team on the right track.

HINT Go is a smaller, more convenient take-anywhere version of the popular party game. The challenge of the guessing game HINT Go is to draw, explain, mime or hum absolutely anything: from fictional cats and aliens to video game characters and hits from the 2010s. Beware of wild guesses, though, as there's always one forbidden word that teammates can't guess. Who manages to interpret the HINT-wise correctly?

Stupor! Harry Potter

Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Slytherins, defend the good reputation of your house in Stupor! Harry Potter. Prepare a spell and point your wand at an enemy. Then cast your spells at the same time: attack with Stupor, miscast, or protect yourself with Protego. Collect points for your house and win the cup.

Canvas - Reflections

With Canvas - Reflections you expand your artistic gaming experience to a new level: mirror cards. These double-sided cards allow more strategic options, so you can now create even more diverse combinations. The new game mat also offers a larger selection of art cards.

Fog over Carcassonne

Dense fog covers the meadows of Carcassonne, swallows up entire farmsteads and creeps up to the city walls. And with the mist emerge the ghosts of the Cathars. Can you work together to appease these restless spirits? With Fog Over Carcassonne you experience the world of Carcassonne for the first time in a cooperative version.

You must join forces to contain the spread of the mist and the spirits within. If too many ghosts appeared or all three days pass before enough points are collected, you lose the game. Fog over Carcassonne is a standalone game with multiple challenges. In addition, all the material can also be integrated into the huge Carcassonne world in the form of various modules and thus used as an extension.


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Pingu Springu

Today is perfect weather for the penguins to play on the ice floes. All penguins enjoy jumping from one floe to the next. But the sun is already going down. The penguins have to get home quickly. Quick, let the penguins jump so everyone is on the safe pack ice before nightfall.
In the cooperative children's game Pingu Springu, you try to let your penguins hop across different-shaped ice floes onto safe pack ice. But skill is required here: Each round, a new ice floe is pushed onto the game board, which completes the path to the pack ice. However, there is always the danger that one of your penguins will tumble down. If you bring all penguins home safely before sunset, you win the game together.

Early fourth quarter of 2022


Maui is a simple but clever family game with a holiday feel. Fill your beaches by placing 12 towels from the display by the water or in the shade. Connect towels of the same pattern to earn points. With sand dollars you can buy specific cloths. But if you put a towel outside your area, you get minus points.

Azul - Master Chocolatier

In Azul: Master Chocolatier, as a chocolate artist, you create the most coveted range of chocolates in the world. The customized look with pralines instead of tiles will melt the heart of every chocolate fan. In addition, the limited collector's edition includes five special manufacturing tiles and thus offers more variety.

Stack & Stuff - A patchwork game

We're moving and all we have to do is transport our furniture. But the parts are all so bulky that loading the moving truck is like a jigsaw puzzle. Choose your furniture wisely. Stack cleverly, plug all the gaps and load your moving truck. In Stapel & Stopf, who manages to load up their truck most skilfully?

However, it turns out to be more difficult than expected to store all the furniture and boxes in the moving truck. In addition to sweat, it costs time and money. And as you know, the day only has 24 hours. The player whose tile is furthest behind on the schedule can choose one of the next three furniture tiles. Whoever packs their moving van best and has the most money is considered the new moving professional and can look forward to many inquiries from friends – in addition to winning.


In Challengers! Featuring over 70 wacky characters from places as diverse as Hollywood, outer space and the monstrous deep sea...or your bathtub. In exciting capture-the-flag competitions, you win trophies and fans by defeating the others at the table in duels.

Challengers! is a deck management game and card autobattler. You draw character cards with unique abilities and must make tough deck-building decisions between turns. Which tickets do I buy, which are eliminated? Each character combination opens up new ways to win. Two decks then compete against each other in duels. In the end, the two with the most trophies and fans duel to determine the ultimate champion.


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Meadow - water worlds

The Water Worlds expansion for the beautiful family game Meadow takes you on new adventures to make the best observations of rivers, streams and lakes. You must skillfully steer your kayak down the double-sided river game board. With a bit of luck you will see fish, playful otters or beavers building dams.

3000 scoundrels

A mysterious traveler has brought nothing but chaos and strife to our tranquil western town. Now he's suddenly gone, leaving his relics behind. We have to find them and monetize them - but we're not the only ones looking for them. The feds will be here soon, so let's grab what we can.

In the family game 3000 Scoundrels, each of you leads a gang that collects the mysterious traveller's abandoned technologies. Hire helpers who, thanks to a transparent job card and a property card, always bring new combinations into play. The valuable technological equipment is rumored to be safely stored in safes. Every safe you steal is worth tech points at the end. Whoever has collected the most points wins.

Crime Zoom – Luxury & Passion

Crime Zoom is a crime series of crime scenes and clues laid out with multiple maps. You decide what you do, which cards you uncover and which leads you follow to answer questions at the end. This case takes you to the red light district of Soho. Immerse yourself in a secretive world and solve this spicy case.

Cortex Harry Potter

Cortex Challenge Harry Potter is a brain, memory and reaction challenge. You'll compete in eight different challenges that will test your brain functions: Tactile Challenge, Spell Duel, Unique Patronus, Hunt for the Golden Snitch and more. Whoever completes their Hogwarts puzzle first wins.


In the cooperative card game In all peace and quiet you set off with your ship "Calm Sea" to find your dream island in a paradise. To do this, you must completely fill a 6×6 grid representing the sea with island cards and play a departure and an arrival card. But silence is everything aboard your ship, so you are almost not allowed to speak.
You must fill the sea with islands and arrive at your dream island before you run out of cards. If you can do that, you win the game together and can enjoy your life on your dream island from now on. As soon as one of you can no longer play or discard a card and you have not yet reached your goal, you lose the game and are lost at sea. Mini expansions and game variants are included in the game for more challenges.

Jungle Speed ​​Collector

Twice as many cards, twice as much fun! Jungle Speed ​​Collector brings even more cards to the well-known game of reaction and skill. Keep an eye on the cards, grab the totem and try to be the first to get rid of your cards. But be careful, the cards are similar and you can only win if you have a clear head and quick hands.

The Collector Edition includes the classic Jungle Speed ​​deck and the Collector deck including the long-lost special card. This makes things even wilder in the jungle: when it is played, the color of the symbol decides in the next duel instead of the shape. With the practical bag, you can take Jungle Speed ​​Collector with you wherever you go.

Fun Facts

How many years of your life would you give to become a billionaire right now? How many people around the table would you arm wrestle with? Fun Facts is a co-operative, simple and fun party game that tests how well you know each other. Can you classify your friends correctly?

Secretly answer a personal question with a number in each round. Then rank your answers in ascending order by rating each other. Then uncover all answers and collect points. Enter your points in the points list after eight questions. Can you beat your record from the last game? Laugh together at your friends' crazy stories... and at yourself!

Left-right dilemma

Left-Right Dilemma is a cooperative adult party game that reveals your friends' unspoken preferences. Drive from dilemma to dilemma down the mountain to a cabin. Do the others know you well enough to find out which cabin you reached? In six spicy decisions you will find out how well you really know each other.

clock worker

In the year 2XXX the earth was devastated as overdeveloped technology exhausted mankind's resources. Mankind was looking for a new planet and left their old robots behind. Some robots woke up and became aware of their situation. They began to get people's factories running again.
Clockworker is a fast and challenging worker placement game where you use cards to upgrade your actions. Uses bots to get resources from abandoned factories and towns. You use resources to restore human artifacts and thereby gain drive points. Whoever gets the most drive points wins the game and becomes the leader of the new era. Rediscover the artifacts of the past and create a new robotic civilization.


In the magical realm, a city has awakened. In the diverse shops there are delicacies, handicrafts, flowers and much more. Everything there is made with the help of potter dragons. As a flame keeper, you can communicate with the dragons and use them in the shops. If you help the dragons and shopkeepers, your fame will grow.

Flamecraft is a dragon placement game. As Flame Wardens, you compete against each other to become better known and more successful in dealing with the art of flames. Your potter dragons are highly sought after by shopkeepers, as they delight customers with their fire. Increase your Fame by visiting stores, using Crafting Dragons there, casting Enchantments, and completing your secret Jewelry Dragons' goals. Whoever has collected the most glory at the end of the game wins.

Planet B

In the not so distant future, we humans would have to find a new place to live. Eventually we discovered a new planet and lovingly named it Planet B. We wanted to get a second chance there. And of course we were determined to do everything right this time.

In the Eurogame Planet B you take on the roles of corrupt governors who misuse state funds to achieve their personal goals. You make crooked deals with corporations to advance your own interests. You build your city and let the population work for you, rise in the favor of political factions or control the news. And when you're vying for the presidency, you want voters to be on your side. But in the end, only who puts the most money in his own pocket counts.

Agricola: 15 year anniversary box

The Agricola: 15 Years Anniversary Edition contains the base game and the previously out of stock individual farm plans, the deck expansions Artifex and Bubulcus as well as promo decks (T, X, L) with some new additions and event cards. The inlay offers space to keep all expansions and card decks for Agricola clearly arranged.


The Atiwa Range is a region of southeastern Ghana in Africa with steep hills and flat-topped peaks. In Atiwa, they know that flying foxes - once despised and hunted as fruit thieves - are incredibly useful animals. They help reforest fallow land and improve harvests. These animals can be very useful in building a plantation.

In the worker placement game Atiwa, you slip into the role of fruit growing families who work together with flying foxes. The animals are kept to increase the farms faster. Leave trees as sleeping places and protect the animals. Build houses for families and share your knowledge about the positive effect fruit bats have on the environment. Acquire new lands, take care of your animals and resources, and lead your community to prosperity.

Grand Austria Hotel – all waltzes

In the expansion Grand Austria Hotel - Alles Walzer you will find five new modules that can be combined with the basic game as you wish. There is also a new Automa Solo mode. In this special solo mode, you have the choice between two virtual opponents that you can compete against and whose actions are controlled by decks of cards.


Dense forests, boundless meadows and clear lakes - the untamed wilderness is known for its natural resources. However, there are rumors of monsters dwelling there and attacking walkers. These realms are also mentioned in ancient prophecies. It is said that whoever builds the best settlement here will be considered a role model for future generations.

Settlement is a clever combination of worker placement and engine building game in which you have to effectively manage your settlers and resources. You are pioneers setting out to colonize a previously unexplored fantasy world. With the help of magical artifacts you will explore unknown landscapes, fight monsters, construct buildings and build fortresses. Collect valuable diamonds and gold and hire noble heroes to make your settlement the most magnificent in the whole land.

Mosaic: A History of Civilization

In Mosaic: A history of civilization you build an ancient civilization. Your choices will allow your civilization to either thrive and go down in history as one of the greatest civilizations, or perish and be forgotten. And those choices will challenge you at every turn, with a variety of individual skills and paths.

The basic mechanic of Mosaic is action selection. However, every action has consequences that allow for thoughtful, interlocking strategies. Which leader will lead you to your goal? What technologies and advances will you research? Will you found new towns and villages or will you recruit powerful armies for your empire? Will your people become builders or thinkers? Any path can lead you to glory and points to victory.


From primitive tribe to great nation: this is the journey you take in Dominations. Develop your civilization, discover new lands, gather knowledge and build prosperous cities and impressive monuments in this complex building game. Your influence will also be crucial to finding new allies and completing objectives.

With only three ages of five rounds each, you have little time to get to the top. By creating new landscape tiles, you gather knowledge in six different areas. This knowledge is also the resource you use to build cities and monuments, giving you points and benefits. In addition, you still have to expand your own civilization by gaining mastery in various areas and thereby designing your own technology tree.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Fellowship of the Ring

The saga expansion The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Fellowship of the Ring includes six scenarios in which you can relive the events of the first part of JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This expansion contains all the cards from the original saga expansions The Black Riders and When the Road Grows Dark in one box.

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Scourges of the Waste Lands

The Scourges of the Barrens figure pack expands the game world of The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth with exclusive plastic figures of the named enemies from the Shadow of War and Poisoned Tongues campaigns, as well as five new items and a brand new scroll of Eadris with six skill cards for all campaigns.

Nemesis: Lockdown - New Cats

Nemesis: Lockdown - New Cats includes two highly detailed plastic alien cat figures that are a collectible addition to the Nemesis: Lockdown game. In the semi-cooperative game, you must survive in a facility on Mars infested with hostile organisms while completing objectives.

Nemesis: Lockdown - New Kings

The Nemesis: Lockdown – New Kings expansion contains two alternative miniatures for the Nightstalker Queen and the Chytrid. The Chytrid alien species is not included in the Nemesis: Lockdown base game. The Nemesis: Lockdown – Stretch Goals expansion is required to use Queen Chytrid.

Nemesis: Lockdown - Stretch Goals

The Nemesis: Lockdown - Stretch Goals expansion contains the new alien species Chytrid, the comic book "Silent Stories 3", 26 miniatures and many other components. There are also rules for playing the Xenos from the Brain Ghosts and Carnomorphs expansions for the Nemesis base game in the Nemesis: Lockdown base game.

Nemesis: Lockdown

Can you trust each other as you face the ultimate horror? Nemesis: Lockdown is the sequel to the popular board game Nemesis. This sci-fi horror experience immerses you in a new adventure that builds on and expands upon the tried and tested atmospheric rules.

Nemesis: Lockdown is a semi-cooperative game in which you must survive in a Martian facility infested with hostile organisms. To win, each player tries to complete one of their two objectives and wait safely for the rescue team to arrive. There are many dangers to overcome: swarms of night stalkers, the rapidly depleting energy supply, the other players pursuing their own goals - and sometimes just cruel fate hits you.

mid-fourth quarter of 2022

Splendor Duel

As head of a jewelers' guild, you create majestic pieces of jewelery of the highest quality for monarchs and other influential figures of the Renaissance to increase your prestige and wealth. However, your competition is also very competitive and it's time to prove your skills!

Splendor Duel was specially designed for two-player play. Discover new actions and strategic ways to gain victory points. The active player takes chips from the game board or uses the chips he has collected to buy jewel cards. These bring prestige points and crowns, which are needed for victory. There are also abilities and bonuses that reduce the cost of additional cards. In order to win in this two-player game, you must meet one of three victory conditions.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The family game Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes you into the magical world of the famous film series. Recapture the escaped beasts in New York and collect powerful spells and magical artifacts to aid in your hunt. With three game modes and event maps, the game offers magical experiences for all ages.

Here to Slay - Warriors & Druids

In the Here to Slay - Warriors & Druids expansion, animals from the two new classes will fight alongside you to help you create your perfect team. Warriors are true masters of weaponry and combat, and can equip additional items. Druids have harnessed the forces of nature to conjure powerful effects.

Colt Express - Armored Train & Sentinel

The Colt Express - Armored Train & Sentinel expansion brings a team mode to Colt Express. In addition to the usual loot, you can enrich yourself with new loot and a new title. There's also a new bandit and an armored train that you can switch to in-game, but you're not allowed to stay there at the end.

Great Western Trail-Rails to the North

Continue your familiar rancher life and drive your herds from Texas to Kansas City. But now your focus has shifted to the north and west for railroad delivery. Expand your supply network further by founding small branches in the helpful settlements along the new rail system.

The Rails to the North expansion for Great Western Trail (2nd Edition) expands the rail network and opens up completely new options. Cattle can now be transported across the border and more and more cities can be reached. In order to fully exploit the advantages in the north, however, the establishment of numerous branches is necessary, which open up delivery options or offer bonuses.

Great Western Trail - Rails to the North will be available before the end of the year. Image: Asmodee

Great Western Trail - Rails to the North will be out before the end of the year. Image: Asmodee

Late fourth quarter of 2022

Familial Tales

In the distant kingdom of the Principals, dark forces threaten the ruling family. One by one, family members fall victim to a conspiracy until only one baby remains, the Crown Princess. Four magical beings are entrusted with protecting the little girl from the sinister usurper.

Familiar Tales is a story book game with an app voiced by professional voice actors. Take on the role of a wizard's familiars tasked with rescuing and raising the princess. Defend them against dark forces and be a family to them. Every decision affects the child's development and changes the story. Experience a fantasy epic spanning decades in a huge game world full of branching paths and unforgettable characters.

Harry Potter wizard rates

Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter universe. Think of any character or creature from the magical world and answer the questions by pressing the buttons. The device will figure out what character you're thinking of. With 165 characters and creatures, as well as a trophy-collecting guide, Harry Potter Wizards' Guess packs a lot of variety.


The Doge will soon be elected in Venice – the head of state for life. Two families hope that their candidate wins the title. Everyone is masked at the carnival, a wonderful opportunity for your family to edge out the competition. Discredit your opponent in St. Mark's Square and secure the Council's votes.

Volto is a fast-paced, abstract bluffing game for two players. In an exciting duel, you compete to win the title of new Doge at the Venice Carnival. You try to beat the opposing pieces without losing too many of your own. However, the identity of the characters remains secret until they are attacked. This results in a tactical tug of war that promises excitement up to the last minute.

First Empires

What if world history had developed completely differently? What if other early civilizations had been successful? What if these civilizations never fell? The vanquished could be the winners. Ultimately, however, empires are won or lost by a roll of the dice.

In First Empires you take on the roles of rising civilizations in ancient times. Move around the map by rolling the civilization dice. You collect achievements and make progress in different fields, build cities and use conquests. This is how your civilization grows and prospers. By combining dice and regions, each civilization develops and improves, gaining more options to create a successful story.

Great Western Trail - Argentina

Argentina at the end of the 19th century: As the owner of a large cattle ranch in the endless expanses of the pampas, you herd your herds to the nearest loading bay, where you send them by train to Buenos Aires to be shipped there. In Great Western Trail: Argentina, you take on the role of estancieros (cattle herders).

Move along a cattle trail across the game board to Buenos Aires. In order to earn money, you must tend your herds, use the buildings along the path, and hire skilled staff. New options await you in this game from the Great Western Trail series: For example, you can send your cattle and the new resource grain to Europe by ship. There are also exhaustion cards that weaken your deck and give you negative points at the end of the game.

Zombicide: Fire at will

The city is being overrun by zombie hordes! Rumor has it that a giant monster is leading the hordes. We are the team sent to kill it. But first we must deal with the swarm. Zombicide: Open Fire is a cooperative flip-and-write game for 1 to 6 survivors fighting for their lives in a zombie apocalypse.

The survivors are elite fighters who have ventured onto the streets overrun by the undead. There they must fend off hordes of zombies that appear and move toward them. Activate your weapons, collect improvements, armor and useful stuff and shoot away the undead together. Until the boss shows up and the survivors have to reach their final goal: kill the boss and end the zombie invasion.


With pins against zombies. Image: Asmodee

Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Scarlet Keys

In the campaign expansion The Scarlet Keys to Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you will be given a quest that can span up to ten scenarios located anywhere in the world. Plan your travels with a world map and find the spooky keys before the members of the mysterious Red Coterie can claim them.

Mysterium Kids: Captain Buh's Treasure

It is rumored that a magnificent treasure is hidden in the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. To find the treasure, you must communicate with Captain Buh's ghost, who haunts the mansion. Although he is not a great speaker, he is an excellent tambourine player!

In the cooperative children's game Mysterium Kids: The Treasure of Captain Boo, one of the little players slips into the role of the ghost and uses the included tambourine to give the others acoustic clues to cards located in the haunted mansion. For example, if a hammer is depicted, the spirit must imitate the sound of a hammer. If everyone finds the right cards together, they will discover Captain Buh's treasure.

Flashback Zombie Kidz

The zombies want to destroy the world and only you can stop them. Because you have a machine that allows you to delve into the memories of others. This allows you to see all previous events from different angles. If you understand the past, you can use your knowledge to thwart the zombies' nefarious plans.

Flashback Zombie Kidz is a cooperative investigation game with pictures. Time has stood still in the three scenarios. You explore the past and discover the story piece by piece through the eyes of the characters. But not everyone has all the information and so you have to consult each other to find all the clues and solve the task. You will also find new objects that allow you to solve each scenario multiple times in a different way.

First Quarter 2023


According to a Native American legend, dreams take you to a magical world filled with wondrous creatures and dangerous monsters. In the cooperative parent-child adventure DreamQuest, you and your partner travel to the realm of dreams, slip into the roles of two heroes and experience exciting adventures.

First you play the adventure together as Dreamer, a child with magical powers, and Warden, a powerful beast who protects the Dreamer on her journey. Defeat dangerous creatures, find treasures, and make collective decisions that will affect the course of the story. To complete the adventure, you must play through it together to the end without the dreamer waking up. After that, you can save your adventure as an e-book so you can relive your story over and over again.


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Cantaloop Book 3 - Little chance of success

Cantaloop Book 3 - Little Chance of Success is a book game in the style of point and click adventures. Explore a story full of quirky characters, useless objects, wacky puzzles and different locations and find the solution. In the third part you can even choose between different characters and switch back and forth.

Marvel United—Deadpool

Marvel United - Deadpool is an expansion for Marvel United or Marvel United X-Men that introduces a whopping three variants of the "big-mouthed mercenary" as well as his not-so-trustworthy sidekick Bob. Both characters, which take some getting used to, can be played as heroes or villains, always with a wink.

Marvel United X-Men - Blue Team

Marvel United: X-Men - Team Blue is an expansion for Marvel United or Marvel United X-Men, which expands the game with the four iconic heroes Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke and Jubilee as well as the sinister villain Mister Sinister and new locations. It also introduces the new team vs team mode for 4 to 6 people, which completely changes the game.

Marvel United X-Men - Gold Team

Marvel United: X-Men - Team Gold is an expansion pack for Marvel United or Marvel United X-Men that introduces four iconic heroes, Colossus, Bishop, Archangel and Iceman, as well as the sinister villain Sebastian Shaw and new locations. It also introduces the new Team vs Team mode that completely changes the game.

Second quarter of 2023

Marvel United: X-Men

The Brotherhood of Mutants hatch sinister plans to bend humanity to their will. The X-Men, however, are committed to an equal coexistence of mutants and humans and face every challenge. In the fight for justice, they travel the world to defeat the villains once and for all.

Marvel United: X-Men is a standalone game in the Marvel United series that puts you in the shoes of the legendary X-Men to stop a super villain's plot. Each villain has their own agenda with special card effects, so you need to be careful about which cards you play from your unique hero decks. There are six hero figures, two anti-hero figures and two villain figures. Additionally, the game introduces the new Super Villain mode.


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