A financing campaign for the board game Artemis project is running in the game forge: satellites & leaders should give the Grimspire sci-fi game new possibilities. The first ans have already invested money. 

Also with the Satellites & Leaders expansion, The Artemis Project has up to five people and their respective teams trying to establish a self-sustaining colony on Jupiter's icy moon Europa. To do this, they place cubes in different regions on the playing field and thus use their workers.

Artemis Project: Leader in Space

These can now also be promoted to bosses, who are characterized by the fact that they can improve regions or support their own buildings. Thanks to advances in technology, the colonies now also have access to the new, highly efficient Chariot space stations, which can be reached using satellites.

Anyone who likes to immerse themselves in theme worlds can still do so until October 20th in the game forge add thumbnails of these satellites to the ongoing project for expansion.

In addition, you can also secure the atmospherically illustrated base game, exclusive content from the first project in the form of mini expansions and miniatures, as well as the thematic successor The Artemis Odyssey.

The first fans have already followed Grimspire's call and have already made their first investments on the way to the targeted financing goal of around 5.000 euros. Around a third of the total amount has already been reached. The cost of the expansion is 29 euros, for 37 euros there is also a set of miniature satellites. If you also need the basic game including all the bells and whistles, you can get started for 99 euros. According to Happyshops, delivery should be in June 2023 if the campaign is successful. 


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