In cooperation with Eagle Gryphon Games, Maldito Games and Ostia Spiele, Game Brewer has started the crowdfunding campaign for the card game version of Stefan Risthaus' "heavy board game" Arkwright - extremely successful, as it turned out after a short time. The targeted financing goal of around 21.000 euros on the Kickstarter platform has already been exceeded by far. 

The board game Arkwright by Stefan Risthaus is extremely well received by connoisseurs. With Arkwright: The Card Game, a shortened version of the basic game is now available, provided that the KickstarterCampaign is correspondingly successful. For now, it looks like the card game can hit players as planned in June 2021. The crowdfunding project has far exceeded its funding target; around 1.200 fans take part. There is now time until September 3rd to unlock more stretch goals.

Arkwright card game: more straightforward than the original

Sir Richard Arkwright is credited with creating the factory system. With the "Spinning Jenny", the clever entrepreneur invented a spinning machine that is considered a milestone in industrial production in the textile industry. The name of the board game dictates the theme, and the card game based on Arkwright is also essentially about building a functioning economic cycle - this time just more straightforward than in the original and much more condensed.

This is not a shortcoming with such a title, on the contrary: "heavy board games" like Arkwright, real brain teasers, sometimes only rarely end up on the table, despite their playful advantages. One of the reasons is the usually extended playing time, and there is also the requirement – ​​especially with Arkwright – to approach the game as mathematically as possible. That doesn't necessarily sound charming for every type of player as a leisure activity. Arkwright: The Card Game now wants to fill a gap.

Also at Arkwright: The card game is about the production and sale of goods. Image rights: Game Brewer

Also at Arkwright: The card game is about the production and sale of goods. Image rights: Game Brewer

The principle is also retained in the card game version: players build factories to produce goods, employ workers and gradually install automated production systems. Players can then sell their goods, either on the local market or for a surcharge in distant countries. Whoever acts most profitably wins.

What sounds like Arkwright is Arkwright, but in a version reduced to essential game factors. Arkwright: The Card Game could also be described as the essence of the board game. In addition to purely playful considerations, the illustrations by Mehdi Merrouche - responsible for Uxmal or Ninja Night, among others - should be a reason to at least take a closer look at the card game.

Bis Interested parties still have time on September 3rdto support the business game and thus bring the community closer to other stretch goals. The set bonus targets currently range up to 75.000 euros, including a solo version of Arkwright: The Card Game. The card game is expected to be fully produced and ready for shipping in June 2021. The costs for the pledge are around 25 euros, and a German version can also be selected in the pledge manager.

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