The 5v5 arena brawler Kingshunt from A List Games and Vaki Games is coming to Steam Early Access on November 3rd. The game impresses with a dark fantasy setting, 15 different heroes and a strategic depth through the mix of real-time close combat and summoning minions.

Kingshunt combines real-time melee combat and magic with the strategic summoning of towers and minions. Players can choose between 15 heroes and choose melee, ranged, or support characters to suit their playstyle. Each match consists of two teams of five trying to eliminate their opponents by controlling strategic locations and/or destroying the opponent's base.

Kingshunt: Third-person action combat

Kingshunt scooped two awards at the WN Unreal Dev Contest for its attention to detail and graphics. “We are very excited to finally share Kingshunt with the players we aim to work closely with. Early access is a logical step for us. It gives us the opportunity to learn quickly and adapt our title to feedback from our growing community,” said Teemu Jyrkinen, CEO at Vaki Games.

Kingshunt is a third-person action-combat game: players defeat their enemies in a 5v5 arena in a mix of capture-and-hold combined with lane-based towers and minions. Before doing so, you choose from a variety of heroes and master their unique abilities and spells that suit your playstyle.

In Kingshunt, every hero has the opportunity to summon powerful minions and place impressive towers. This offers freedom of action and a high degree of strategic depth not found in other arena brawlers. Over time, you unlock powerful runes to grant heroes new passives and buffs, and further customize your playstyle.

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