Fight for the robot's victory in the arena, and if you're lucky, even with your very own robot. Because the global "Robot Design Contest" runs until July 17, and anyone can take part. HeidelBÄR Games is looking for creative minds and robot connoisseurs who want to put their skills to the test.

So get to the sketch pad and start drawing. It doesn't have to be artistically valuable because the idea counts. You can also make a figure, knead it or photoshops your ideal. The main thing is to see what the robot should look like in the end. In addition, your robot needs an expressive name and a special ability that makes it particularly dangerous in combat.

The winner receives his robot as a 3D character and a German version of the game, but even if you only land in the top three you get the game for free. On top of that, you even have the chance that the robot will be included in the series and then appear worldwide as a character.

Volt: That's what the board game from Heidelbär Games is about

In Volt you go into battle with a robot. Strategically, two to four players plan their moves hidden behind a screen, they program their robot, so to speak, for the next round. The attempt is made to anticipate which actions the other players will carry out.

If two robots meet, a fight ensues. For around 30 minutes you have to reach victory point fields and sweep opposing robots off the field on the way.

Covert actions: games determine your moves behind a screen. Photo: André Volkmann

Covert actions: games determine your moves behind a screen. Photo: André Volkmann

The level of difficulty can be changed modularly so that young as well as more experienced players can enjoy playing. The rules themselves are simple, plan and execute. But the others also act and getting away safely and taking the points for yourself can be more dangerous than expected. The goal is already in front of your eyes and you will be pushed into a pit by the opponent. But not that bad, because in the next round you get a new chance.

The game is lavishly designed and played in the box, which turns into an arena in a flash. VOLT also includes sophisticated AI rules for playing with two to three players as well as a tournament variant. This colorful stage can soon become your robot's platform in the battle for victory points.

For everyone who would like to take part in the “Robot Design Contest”: Click here and you will automatically be taken to the participant page.

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