Arche Nova is expected to receive an expansion to include creatures from the water world in the coming year. The title "Aquarius" is not only a name, but also a program.

Arche Nova is undoubtedly one of the top titles for experts in the current game year. The board game by Mathias Wigge was published in Germany via Tierra del Fuego and received good reviews excellent reviews from reviewers and players. The initially bulky gameplay unfolds an enormous potential for addiction - the concept can also be expanded to include themed worlds, as is now shown by the announcement of the expansion for Arche Nova.

Aquarius expansion coming in 2023

Arche Nova: Aquarius will bring several new elements to the board game. The obvious ones are sea creatures that will find their place in new enclosures that will of course have to be built by the water. Around half of the sea creatures are reef animals - this is used for engine building in the zoo.

The new sea cards are provided with a symbol to be able to access the card game segment directly and clearly in terms of rules. Also new is the breeding register, with which further strategic tricks supplement the basic idea of ​​Arche Nova. New bonus tiles and scoring cards will also be part of the new expansion.

Playfully, such will do quite a bit through the breed register: players will claim one of six special universities from the reserve, which show icons for research and one of six animals. Cards may be uncovered until there is a match – you then keep this card.

Increasing the asymmetry in the Arche Nova board game with the new Aquarius expansion could also be exciting. This is ensured by small additional options on the cards that can be put to good use.

The expansion is expected to be released in the coming year 2023. This is also evident from the entry at Boardgamegeek.

Info box: Ark Nova

Number of players: 1 – 4 people
Age: from 14 years
Playing time: 90 to 150 minutes
Difficulty: difficult
Genre: Expert game
Core Mechanism: Drafting, Laying, Set Collection, Bonuses, Hand Management

Authors: Mathias Wigge
Illustrations: Dennis Lohausen, Loïc Billiau, Steffen Bieker
Publisher: Feuerland Spiele
Official Website: Link
Year of publication: 2021
Language: German
Cost: 52 Euro

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