After months of gaming rumor mills churning, Respawn Entertainment has officially unveiled Apex Legends Season 7. The Olympus map, "The Trident" as a means of transport, community clubs and the energy scientist Horizon as a new legend were confirmed. The trailer for the game explains the background story of the new character and what abilities she will have, but remains classified.

A new trailer for Apex 7: Ascension puts the spotlight on the next legend. dr Mary Somers, better known as Horizon to players of the battle royale shooter Apex Legends, is one of the galaxy's finest scientists. In order to prevent an adoring energy crisis on her home planet Olympus, she is sent on a mission to lead her to energy crystals. Only with these can she prevent a catastrophe.

But Horizon leaves her son behind, to whom she previously promised a safe return home. Contrary to what was planned, she experiences betrayal on her mission and appears to be abandoned in the depths of space. It is only thanks to the energy crystals that she found earlier that she can survive and return to her home country later. But too late! 87 years have passed since the incident and their home planet Olympus was doomed in the meantime. He was not saved.

New Legend, The Trident, Clubs and Olympus Map

Respawn also mentioned a new way of traveling through the Olympus map called "The Trident". This should be particularly fast and sufficient for the whole squad. Further details were not mentioned. The rumor of a club function has also been confirmed. In this way, other players should be found, a common community built and drawn through the planet Olympus together.

Little information has been disclosed about the planet Olympus itself. The map for this was published on the Apex Legends homepage, but not clearly visible. Respawn Entertainment describes it in a few words: “Rise up in the clouds in a beautiful, feudal city. Watch your steps as you go - it's a long way to the planet below you. " The King's Canyon map has been completely removed for the time being.

The 7th season of Apex Legends has its release date on November 4, 2020, a week earlier than originally expected by fans of the shooter. It will be available for the PC, via the Steam platform and for the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.


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