The makers behind the two board games Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector will release a stylistically similar board game to the successful video game brand The Last of Us. First of all, starting November 8th, a corresponding crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is to collect the necessary money for the implementation. 

The Last of Us by Naughty Dog is a blockbuster game. In the meantime, the publication of a TV series is imminent – ​​and the video game also makes it onto the gaming table at home. CMON already had a project based on the license started, now with Themeborne another studio with at least an unusual idea is entering the race. 

Post apocalypse in black and white

First of all, the monochromatic style is unusual: Board game enthusiasts may know Themeborn from the titles Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector – both roguelike adventure board games that stand out from other titles due to their high-contrast design. With the board game "The Last of Us: Escape the Dark" you now hit a similar horn. As the video game developers and creators of The Last of Us announced, crowdfunding for the new board game is scheduled to start on November 8th.

The project could also be exciting for solo players, after all, the Escape the Dark board games can also be played alone. In the meantime, the individual modes have become indispensable, and publishers and authors often rely on this feature. 

The Escape the Dark board games are cooperative short adventures with randomly created structures - "roguelike" in other words. Players work together to overcome a series of random enemies and obstacles by rolling dice and using character items, abilities, and traits to survive. 

Expansions have been introduced for both Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector, which integrate new characters and challenges into the games. For the Campaign of The Last of Us: Escape the Dark one expects something similar now, including a solo mode and, if the project is successful, also expanding content in the future. Naughty Dog hinted at a deluxe edition in the announcement.

There is little doubt about the success of the campaign. The campaign for Escape the Dark Castle was already extremely successful on Kickstarter for such a visually extraordinary board game. The makers exceeded the targeted financing amount by around eight times. 

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