What started as a Kickstarter campaign has now become a successful board game. We're talking about Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Players slip into the role of the Egyptian gods and have to compete for the favor of their followers. Not only can monsters be summoned and believers converted, but numerous other tasks must also be fulfilled. The campaign raised more than ten times the desired sum and was a complete success. Part of the recipe for success was of course the setting in ancient Egypt, because more and more games score with this mystical environment!

Egypt scores on players

Ancient Egypt offers the ideal setting for exciting stories. Legends of mystical creatures, vengeful gods and legendary pharaohs influenced daily life, customs and traditions. Even today, many people fantasize about that time and so it is no wonder that numerous films and games deal with the topic. The pyramids still hold some secrets today, because researchers and archaeologists keep finding hidden passages that cannot be entered. In the game Assassin's Creed Origins by Ubisoft, players can e.g. B. Slip into the role of a Medjay and the Pyramids of Giza in virtual space enter. The corridors lead to secret tombs where hidden treasures await, dangerous snakes and invisible traps also lurk for the protagonists.

In slots like Book of Dead, the Egyptian structures serve as the perfect setting to hunt for treasure - and get the reels spinning. A legendary Book of the Dead becomes the most important symbol on the machine. Find iGaming fans free games online on Egypt at VSO and can play in demo mode for as long as they want. There is no need to register or make a deposit. Egypt is also a popular hub for board games. This proves e.g. For example, the strategy game Imhotep – Master Builders of Egypt by Kosmos, which was even voted Game of the Year in 2016. But the great success of the Ankh: Gods of Egypt Kickstarter campaign also shows the great interest in the ancient pharaonic kingdom.

Become an Egyptian god yourself

In April 2020, the Kickstarter campaign around Ankh: Gods of Egypt was launched. Back then, the makers of the board game were hoping to raise a total of $300.000 to make their dream come true. Over 23.000 people donated money to the campaign, securing the board game when it first appeared. This raised an unbelievable 3,3 million US dollars and the production of the parlor game was started. In May 2021 the time had finally come and the first orders could be shipped. Today, Ankh: Gods of Egypt is available in many stores and has proved to be a particularly popular board game. It can now even be bought in normal shops, e.g. B. on the Online platform by Mueller. The price of almost 90 euros is steep, but the game really has a lot to offer.

Players take on the role of Egyptian gods and must ensure that they are worshiped by their people. Each god struggles to stay relevant and is in direct competition with the others. In order to increase your own popularity, you can build monuments, summon monsters and even sacrifice your own followers. Only with the right strategy can players become the most powerful of the gods. The loving design of the game board and the game pieces make Ankh: Gods of Egypt an experience that is second to none. Anyone who has always wanted to slip into the role of gods like Amun, Osiris or Ra now finally has the chance to do so. Each character has their own powers that can be developed and strengthened. So you can slip into a new character in each round and have very different gaming experiences. Two to five players can take part, a round lasts about an hour. This makes the game the perfect entertainment for small and large groups of friends. Who manages to convince and retain their followers?

With Ankh: Gods of Egypt, a Kickstarter project became a unique game that is now celebrated by many board game enthusiasts. The original financing goal was reached tenfold and showed the great interest in games in ancient Egypt. You can now find Ankh: Gods of Egypt from numerous providers and can have it delivered right to your front door. So what are you waiting for?