The publisher Ankama - known for video games, but also board games like Krosmaster or Dino Party - is starting the early access phase on Steam with the deck builder One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend. In the coming year, the video game with rogue-lite elements will also be released for the Nintendo Switch.

Board game fans should also be familiar with Ankama: Titles such as Monster Slaughter or parts of the Krosmaster series are widespread. When it comes to video games, Dofus or Wakfu are well-known brands. With One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend, they are currently working on a deck building game, which is now starting in Early Access in the PC version on Valve's Steam platform. 

Rogue Lite deck builder for PC and Nintendo Switch

Inspired by Ankama's multi-million dollar transmedia franchise (TV series, comics and video games), One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend is a rogue-lite deck builder. The game uses a combination of exploration, RPG elements and strategic turn-based combat. The title has now successfully entered the Early Access phase for PC, so it can now be played - via Steam and the Ankama Launcher. According to the publisher, the Nintendo Switch version is scheduled for release in early 2023.

In One More Gate, players will experience the adventure of Oropo, a mysterious Eliotrope (creator of the portal), founder and leader of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, a group of divine children abandoned by their creators.

Players can choose between three types of cards - and combine them to create devastating combos. This is how you can defeat opponents. To get stronger, players can buy cards and upgrade their decks, among other things, by visiting the town, where they can also rest between dungeon runs and interact with the charismatic characters from the game. Finally, a special feature - the Wakfu Gauge - grants a temporary superpower once it's maxed out.

The game will be updated throughout Early Access, with the launch version giving access to three dungeons and over 100 maps and runes.


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