Level Infinite today announced that Nikke: Goddess of Victory is coming to mobile. The immersive sci-fi RPG shooter already has over three million pre-registrations from players worldwide. The game is developed by Shift Up (the studio behind Stellar Blade for PlayStation 5) and published by Level Infinite. It is now available to download on iOS and Android.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is designed for convenient mobile gaming, with a one-handed control system that allows you to quickly attack and take cover from enemy fire. The unique and immersive action gameplay is supported by high definition 2D graphics with anime inspiration and animation of the Nikke characters.

Classic: Humans vs. Aliens

In Nikke: Goddess of Victory, humans have lost their homes to aliens and gone deep underground. Decades later, a group of humanoid weapons awoke in the Ark, humanity's sanctuary. They are the result of the collective technical knowledge of the human survivors. Codenamed “Nikke”, named after the Greek goddess of victory, the humanoids rise to the surface with the hopes and dreams of mankind on their shoulders.

Players embark on an immersive, story-driven adventure filled with beautiful playable characters and a mysterious world. With the help of advanced animated illustrations, the game ensures smooth character movement and performance as well as a dynamic combat experience. Each character has their own weapon and special abilities that allow for unique playstyles. Players must assemble the ultimate team, develop their characters and complete missions to defeat the invaders and save the people. Also, the game features various boss battles with huge enemies that require both coordination and preparation.

To celebrate the launch, players will receive 110 free moves as well as two popular SSR characters and one SR character. Total rewards vary from player to player and depend on event participation.

The game can be played with either Japanese or English voice acting. Composer Sawano Hiroyuki, the talent behind the Attack on Titan anime theme song, has written a special theme song for Nikke called “TuNGSTeN”.


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