Three years after “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” first captivated gamers in front of their tablets and smartphones, the video game now offers them augmented reality functions. With the innovations of the AR hut and AR camera, the Animal Crossing characters become part of the analogue player world. The update also brings with it new areas of the campsite that need to be explored. Also, players can use the in-game “Möbel & Mode” subscription free of charge for one month.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-play video game from Nintendo that was developed for tablets and smartphones, making it perfect for on the go. Just as you are used to from the Animal Crossing video game series, the game creates a brightly colored environment. In addition, furniture is made, there is collection, fishing and cultivation. Just in miniature format.

Pocket Camp is Animal Crossing in miniature format

At Pocket Camp, the story of the simulation game takes place, just as the name of the game suggests, on a campsite. Since today, November 20, additional areas are accessible to the players and residents of the camp. These also invite you to freely design and thus offer even more opportunities to be creative to your heart's content.

Augmented Reality functions invite you to play

With the new augmented reality function AR camera Starting today, the players of the mobile Animal Crossing title can bring a part of the fable world into their own, analogue environment. The favorite campsite residents and furniture can be placed in a photo section using the app. Not only that, the cute animals interact in a happy way with their surroundings. The cute Animal Crossing residents pose and play, matching the surrounding situation of the photo section, and thus enable the player to take funny photos.

The function AR hut immerses players directly into the world of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Using the AR camera, a door to the camp hut can be positioned anywhere in the analog world. If the player opens the virtual, colorful wooden door, he enters a hut in the middle of the video game, in which his favorite characters are already waiting for him. Once the player has arrived in the virtual world, he can spend a relaxing time with up to eight animals at the same time in Animal Crossing and redesign the hut. With the AR hut, the player comes directly into the game and not the game to the player.

Free trial of the “Möbel & Mode” subscription is now possible

The “Möbel & Mode” subscription, which is popular with players, can be tested free of charge for one month from today onwards by all players, regardless of whether they are new to the game or have been with them for a long time. The subscription function gives Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players access to exciting clothing and furniture, as well as five fortune cookies a month. For the fortune cookies, otherwise only available through in-game currency, players can unlock exclusive fashion items and furniture.

AR hut, AR camera, fashion & furniture subscription, new content! Animal Crossing Update brings a lot of new things. Image: Nintendo

AR hut, AR camera, fashion & furniture subscription, new content! Animal Crossing Update brings a lot of new things. Image: Nintendo

The furniture and fashion subscription also increases the player's inventory and thus offers more opportunities to collect. But watch out, you have to think about cancellation: With iOS devices, the “Möbel & Mode” subscription can be canceled up to 24 hours before it ends. Android users have time until immediately before the trial subscription expires. Otherwise, the subscription is automatically renewed for 8,99 euros per month.


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