The retail chain Kaufland has secured a place in paradise: With the "Kaufisland" the company is now advertising in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To start with, Kaufland is cooperating with the Twitch streamer “Minimoli”.

Kaufland is the first food retailer to become part of the globally successful video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". On an island inhabited by animals, the "Kaufisland", players explore the world of a food market. To start with, Kaufland is cooperating with the successful Twitch streamer "Minimoli", who will be live-streaming the island on Thursday, January 20 at 17 p.m. The retail company reports. Interested parties can find the “Minimoli” Twitch channel at

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The special motto of the island is "Doing makes the difference", which is also the name of Kaufland's sustainability strategy. The Kaufland island was designed and implemented together with the agency 1-2-Social. “In the game we make sustainability tangible. Our island shows where the groceries come from and, for example, what happens to the deposit bottles when they end up in our deposit machines,” explains Lavinia Ahmad, Head of Sustainability at Kaufland.

This concept runs across the entire island: There are parking spaces for bicycles and e-scooters, solar systems and wind turbines and the players learn how easily they can make a contribution to environmental, climate and species protection.

The focus is also on nutrition in the virtual world: the players grow fruit, sell food, cook in an open-air kitchen or relax in a café. Also included: familiar Animal Crossing characters like the raccoon dog Tom Nook. The main character is the self-designed avatar "Phil Leita" (a reference to "branch manager"), who runs the island together with his employees and suppliers.

Players can access Kaufisland via a Dream code (DA-3829-9221-8851) shared on Kaufland's social media channels. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of Nintendo's most popular games worldwide and was the best-selling game for Nintendo Switch in 2020/21. The game has been sold over seven million times in Europe, over a million of them in Germany. The fascination with the game is still high because you can immerse yourself in the real-time simulation with your character within a very short time.


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