For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo is releasing a new free update to coincide with the horror festival, through which fans can access numerous additional content from September 30th - everything from pumpkins to colored contact lenses is available for Halloween. And then there's an eerie guest ...

Nintendo is also ringing in the autumn for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, dropping acorns and pine cones from the trees that are changing color, which can be used for new handicraft instructions. But that's not all: Halloween is also a theme.

Halloween in the island paradise: trailer gives a foretaste

From September 30th, the new free update for the game can be downloaded to the Nintendo Switch. In keeping with the season and what is probably the scariest festival of the year, it gives everyday life on the island a scary touch - including Halloween costumes, new ways to give your own character a ghostly look, instructions for handicrafts and more, announced Nintendo.

A new trailer gives fans a foretaste of the Gratus update:

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Players are not only happy about the creepy atmosphere, but also about numerous new features that make their way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On September 30th, fans can plant pumpkins to coincide with autumn: Pumpkin seedlings are available in the game all year round from Gerd or in October in Nook's shop. Once planted, once they're big enough, they can be harvested and used for pumpkin-inspired crafting instructions.

The pumpkins are only the prelude to the Halloween festival. To prepare for the scariest day of the year, players can stock up on candy. From October you can buy a suitable costume from Tina and Sina, such as a witch dress or a mummy costume. There are also bodypaints and colored contact lenses in exchange for nook miles. And if you want to decorate your house or island thematically, you should speak to your animal residents: They will hand out Halloween handicraft instructions.

Nintendo will treat Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans to a real Halloween event on October 31st. The celebrations begin at 17 p.m. Then all the islanders gather on the festively decorated fairground for the occasion. That's the moment when players get a visit from a mysterious guest: "Prince of Halloween" Jakob. Those who give him lollipops and sweets receive thematically appropriate rewards. It's also worth saving candy for your neighbors to protect yourself from their Halloween pranks. Animal Crossing fans can learn new reactions to express fear and horror properly.

In time for autumn, players can plant and harvest pumpkins. Copyright: Nintendo

In time for autumn, players can plant and harvest pumpkins. Copyright: Nintendo

Since this summer there is the possibility in the game to visit the islands of others in a dream. After the new update, fans can then create a list of their favorite islands so that they can visit them again at any time while snoozing. To use this function, you need a Nintendo Account and a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online.

Also new: from the beginning of October, the NookLink service in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app will be expanded to include an additional function. With the new update, players can use their smartphone to express their feelings in the game through appropriate reactions. All you have to do is install the latest game update from September 30th and connect to the internet while using NookLink.


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