Actually, Croteam, a Croatian development team, is primarily known for the first-person shooter Serious Sam. Now they come up with a puzzle game that is more thought-provoking with a philosophical background story. In The Talos Principle, the protagonist beckons eternal life when they face the tasks of their creator. For the first time, players can solve these sometimes tough puzzles on the Nintendo Switch.  

The perspective are those Developer from Zagreb remained true to, like Serious Sam, The Talos Principle is also played from the first-person perspective. Instead of weapons, the android, in whose role the player slips, now carries lasers and all sorts of other devices in front of him in order to solve the puzzles that his creator poses for him. From him the player only hears the voice, and with it the prohibition to climb the mysterious tower that screws its way up into the sky in the landscape. What's in that tower?


With logic and laser

Yes, there are opponents, but they are deactivated with the help of logic, laser beams and switches. The puzzles start easily but get progressively more difficult. There are over a hundred head nuts to crack, and further levels can be unlocked by finding stars. With each completed task, the player receives seals that unlock new sections in the landscape.

These sections vary greatly in their appearance: sometimes we are in medieval-style courtyards, sometimes in ancient Egypt. What the scenes have in common is their loving design, some of which are a little Rime remembers, but is much more complex. What is noticeable is the lack of liveliness in the surroundings: not a tree or bush rustles in the wind. Again the question arises what this world is all about. Are we in reality or are we just fooled into thinking it?

Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as an android. Image source:

Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as an android.
Image source:

The Talos Principle is one of those games that came out last week Indie World presentation from Nintendo stood out, if only because it doesn't feel like an indie game. It is very reminiscent of the currently very popular exit games, but also comes with a philosophical background. If you are not interested in this, there are still many puzzles that keep the player facing new challenges.

The Talos Principle has been available for the Nintendo Switch since December 10th (€ 29,99 as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop). The game is also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One as well as Android and iOS.

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