Funko brings a board game to the classic film And the marmot hits the market every day. That comes from an announcement on Boardgamegeek. The board game takes up the theme of the 1993 film: players slip into the role of Phil Connors to break out of a seemingly endless time loop. 

When the film with Bill Murray was released in 1993, the makers - including director Harold Ramis, who also directed Ghostbusters among others - could not have imagined that the film title would make it into everyday parlance as a catchphrase. Now the Funko Games publisher is taking up the license and is knitting a board game around the plot, which will appear in the original under the title Groundhog Day: The Game, probably next year.

24 hour time loop with The Mind mechanic

Two to six players visit the world of film and try together to break out of the 24-hour time loop. This is what the strip and the marmot greets every day at the beginning of the nineties - and this is how it should be implemented in the board game. Regarding the mechanics, the creators use the cooperative game The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch, which was published by NSV in this country.

Players experience the days in rounds, each having to lay out a series of cards that show various elements from the film, with which the protagonist Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, can interact. These include characters from the classic, but also places in the American town of Punxsutawney in the state of Pennsylvania, where marmot day is actually celebrated every year on February 2nd, a custom that can be compared with the dormouse day in this country .

The board game takes up elements from the film. Image rights: Funko Games

The board game takes up elements from the film. Image rights: Funko Games

Central elements in the board game for Groundhog Day are various skills that Phil Connors learn, as well as encounters with the film characters. This brings players closer to their goal of breaking the time warp. It is important to lay out cards in numerical order - before the end of a round, the time limit of which is set by a running hourglass. Optionally, there should also be a companion app for the board game. A little hectic rush should be inevitable, at the same time players have to allow themselves enough time to at least be able to guess what other people are doing: The players are not allowed to communicate with each other which cards are being played. They also act in a fixed order, but - as with The Mind - always have to judge for themselves when to put a card on the pile.

In terms of setting, the board game sticks closely to the romantic comedy that was released in this country in 1993. The focus is on the grumpy weatherman Connors, who travels to Punxsutawney for a report. The film has critical undertones, for example, about rethinking and changing life decisions. With Funko Games, a publisher is responsible for the implementation of the board game, and license adaptations are not unknown: Among other things, a board game for Back to the Future was previously created.

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