On the Tuesday after Christmas, there was a particularly severe shock in power. Carrie Fisher, who suffered a heart attack on the flight to Los Angeles the day before Christmas Eve, died four days later - far too early at the age of only 60.

Star Wars made them immortal

The US actress Carrie Fisher is dead. She died on December 27, 2016 at the age of 60 from complications from a heart attack. A single role now ensures that she will be immortal in the hearts of her fans. She had her first appearance in 1975 in the comedy film "Shampoo" opposite Warren Beatty, before the role of her life would follow two years later. As Princess Leia, she enchanted millions of film fans around the world. The passion for Star Wars is passed on from generation to generation and with it the view of the acting performance of Carrie Fisher, who gave the iconic film character the rebellious noble daughter format.

For fans, it's a blessing that Carrie Fisher returned to the big screen in her iconic role in 2015. The generation of today's 40-year-olds grew up with Star Wars - and thus also with Carrie Fisher, who celebrated her debut as Princess Leia at the age of 19. Her accuracy with the blaster is unforgettable, the graceful dialogue with her film partner Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo, just before he is frozen in carbonite, is immortal: “I love you. - I know."

In addition to her appearances in George Lucas' space saga, Carrie Fisher has made other great films such as Blues Brothers, Harry and Sally or Rendezvous with a corpse participated.

In the end, even the bond with power wasn't strong enough to escape fate. Carrie Fisher has published eight books, most recently her autobiography "The Princess Diarist". Her life in the shadow of Star Wars was far from easy. It left its mark. She made no more of her heroin addiction than of her affair with Harrison Ford, described in the autobiography.

"I don't want life to imitate art. I want life to be art.”

Carrie Fisher

In an interview with the Rolling Stone When asked if she was afraid of death, Magazine replied, “No. But I'm afraid of the pain. ”And she doesn't want to be alone when the time comes.

Your quote fits in with that "Sometimes you can only find heaven by slowly backing away from hell." Carrie Fisher has fought her way back to life, to the big screen and to the role of Princess Leia. Slow. To find their place in heaven.

Heartfelt satisfaction

The online fan base is dismayed. In fact, everyone had hoped that Carrie Fisher would recover from her severe cardiac arrest. According to press reports, her health appeared to have stabilized. The news of her death at the age of 27 followed all the more surprising on December 2016, 60. Carrie Fisher had taken the incomparable fan base that made Star Wars a cult, despite the sometimes adverse living conditions, in her heart and she will never let go.

What fans probably also appreciated about her was her uncomplicated manner. Instead of strutting across a red carpet like a glamor girl, Carrie Fisher mixed up at the premiere of Star Wars - The Force Awakens in fine knitwear among their Hollywood counterparts. In any case, she seemed to prefer a life away from the hustle and bustle. If their performances signaled one thing, it was a heartfelt contentment with themselves and the course of life - with all the ups and downs that even princesses have to go through at times. Carrie Fisher has not only come to terms with her successes and failures, looking back on her decisions she was at peace with herself. Even after Star Wars, big things could have come their way: Terminator, for example. However, she turned down the role of Sarah Connor, leaving the fame to Linda Hamilton. And because there were hardly any challenges for a strong rebel in Hollywood in the 1987s, Carrie Fisher wrote the semi-autobiographical work "Postcards from the edge" in XNUMX, which put the relationship with her mother Debbie Reynolds to the literary test as well as her drug addiction. How outstanding the book with the German title "Grüße aus Hollywood" was at the time is indicated by the film adaptation of the work with Meryl Streep in the leading role. To see Carrie Fisher only as a film heroine hardly does her life justice.

Carrie Fisher was a woman of frank speech who encouraged many other women. The openness with which she addressed her bipolar disorder did not make her a prototype of a scandal-free model Hollywood great. She never wanted to be either. The rebellious behavior suited her well - so well that no other actress could have played the role of Princess Leia so credibly. All other heroines have to be measured by her: Rey, Amidala, Jyn Erso. Even the talented Nathalie Portman pales alongside Carrie Fisher in the role of the young rebel. It is unmistakable that Carrie Fisher's interpretation of Princess Leia always served as an ideal in all of the following characters. Meanwhile, the third generation of the Star Wars fan base is growing up and experiences Carrie Fisher as a young woman who was once considered a sex symbol among men.

And who already has the spin-off Rogue One has seen, he feels the final sequence almost as a final greeting. The young Princess Leia looks once more at her fans and speaks one word: hope. Then it disappears into hyperspace.

The US actress leaves behind a daughter.