The iconic Ford Mustang GT Fastback from 1967 will also be sold worldwide as a LEGO kit from March 1, 2019 - either directly in LEGO stores, in brick-and-mortar retail stores and online. The price for the kit with 1.471 parts should be 129,99 euros in Germany.

Lots of classic details

Due to the comparatively large number of Lego bricks, the kit is recommended for people aged 16 and over. The Lego Mustang is 34 centimeters long, 14 centimeters wide and around ten centimeters high. He has a functional steering and of course the world-famous Mustang logo on the radiator grille is not missing. Thanks to the expansion options provided - such as a different front and rear spoiler and other exhaust pipes (side pipes) - Mustang fans can adapt their model car to their own taste.

"Few cars are as distinctive as the Ford Mustang and it's amazing how the combination of design and heritage from this iconic range has been translated into the new LEGO set."

Roelant de Waard, Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe

The Ford Mustang LEGO® model makes it possible to stow objects in the trunk and open the bonnet to take a look at the V8 engine block including the battery, hoses and air filter.

With just over 1.400 parts, the new LEGO kit appeals to young people and adults. Image: Ford-Werke GmbH / LEGO
With just over 1.400 parts, the new LEGO kit appeals to young people and adults. Image: Ford-Werke GmbH / LEGO

The two doors of the dark blue body can be opened, the roof can be folded up. The Mustang interior offers details such as the classic Mustang seats, radio, steering wheel and gearshift. GT badging and a selection of license plates (e.g. "Michigan GT 1967") add the final touch to the kit.

“The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in history. It was exciting to bring this model to life with the numerous possibilities for customization.”

Jamie Berard, design lead for the LEGO® Creator Expert series

The 1967 Ford Mustang expands the LEGO® Creator Expert range. These sets not only include vehicle icons such as the Ford Mustang, but also world-famous structures. Each kit aims to reproduce the characteristic features of the original as precisely as possible. This attention to detail also ensures a high degree of authenticity in the 1967 Ford Mustang kit.

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