With Among Cultists, Godot Games has created a board game version of the hit video game Among Us. This is obviously well received by gamers: With the crowdfunding campaign, the makers have so far generated around 160.000 euros and thus significantly exceeded the target set.  

The basic idea is simple: if you know the video game, you know the board game. Among Us by Innersloth served as the ideal template for the deduction game without "Player Elimination". That means: if you're dead, you're actually not dead. And the thematic framework also seems to be well received by the fans, because with the Cthulhu Mythos, Godot Games relies on a popular classic. In view of the progress of the campaign, nothing will go wrong with the board game for up to eight players. 

Among Cultists: All in for 94 euros

Around 2.300 fans have already supported the Kickstarter campaign and thus ensured that Among Cultists got off to a great start. The majority of players go “all in” – the tentacle all-round carefree package is available for 94 euros. Meanwhile, some of the objectives are also unlocked, including a voiceover of the night phase by Rebecca Scott. She is one of the faces of the influencer channel Good Time Society. 

In theory, it quickly became clear to German fans: If the campaign continues to be successful, a German-language voice-over must follow. There were many ideas for speakers in the social media: the suggestions range from Orkenspalter's Mháire Sritter to Lara Trautmann and David Nathan. And her practice? The decision hasn't been made yet. Author Stefan Godot reveals that the vote should only be chosen after the Kickstarter – “when there is room to breathe again”. At the moment, the publisher has its hands full answering inquiries, keeping the campaign running and preparing for the post-crowdfunding period on the right track. 

among cultists 2

The deductive board game is based on a Lovecraftian setting. Image: Godot Games

Godot Games showed a lot of commitment even before the start of the crowdfunding of Among Cultists: For many weeks and months they have been beating the advertising drum, cleaning doorknobs and gradually rattling off the influencer channels to try to get even the last Lovecraft fan in the most remote corners of Germany to reach. Where larger publishers rely on brands and names, the guys at Godot Games have to work hard to bring the financials to the right level.

So whatever advertising measure always works: let people play. "I think it was very important to be present at the trade fair with a prototype that was played all over the place at Essen Spiel 2022," says Stefan Godot. At the same time, this shows how long the publisher has been on the scene with his game idea. the GAME'22 took place last October. 

Understood in twelve minutes

A low entry hurdle and comparatively simple rules also have a positive effect - this is where a major point of criticism was hidden in the previous project Human Punishment - The Beginning: It was enormously complex, sometimes complicated. 

"The players understood the game in twelve minutes and from then on they could have fun alone at the table," says Godot on the trade fair experience with the Among Cultists prototype. At the same time, Godot Games relied on the confidence that the crowd would be satisfied - "by not collecting any more money from our last campaign despite the sharp rise in container prices and by bearing these costs ourselves," says Godot. The recipe for success: "Satisfaction is very important to us".

The publisher explains the rules in a nutshell as follows: While the investigators (crewmates) try to complete certain tasks (tasks) through their route, the time runs out within ten rounds (timer). The cultists (Imposter) can secretly ignore their route and are therefore more flexible on the way (vent'en), at the same time they can secretly murder (kill) players in encounters, but not if eyewitnesses are present. Even murder and immediately finding the murdered person yourself (self-report) is possible. By using the security room, rooms and players can be checked (cam) and when a portal to another world opens, two players have to close it together again within a short time window (CO2 alarm). The investigators can convict suspicious (sus) players with a vote (vote) and thus win the game, but also generate a certain number of points to end the game.

Game without language

The board game itself does not require language and relies on symbols. The campaign is written in English, which is not only good manners, but is essential in order to address the largest possible target group. Nevertheless, the core market for Godot Games is here in the Federal Republic: "Because we come from Germany, our market is also the strongest here," says Stefan Godot. "The feedback so far has been overwhelming."

The media then also jump on the bandwagon: at Rocketbeans TV lands Among Cultists on the gaming table, Articles in Gamepro and Metal.de also generate desired attention for the new project of the small publisher, whose specialty is deduction games. "I think we've built up a great reach here and everyone who's played it is happy to share their opinion and enthusiasm about it," says Stefan Godot happily.

among cultists 1

Among Cultists: symbols yes, language no. Image: Godot Games

The overview still goes overseas, albeit in awe: "It is very difficult to conquer the American market and only a few manage it," explains the author. "Since this time we have developed a long-lasting game with which we still have a lot to do, of course we still have to conquer America."

First of all, Godot Games is about completing the financing phase. the ends in the case of Among Cultists on February 3rd. The makers have long since exceeded the target of 19.000 euros - and clearly so. The swarm financing is around 160.000 euros and the project may still have a final spurt if the publisher succeeds in knocking on the bush to win over one or the other previously undecided fans. 

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