Amigo Spiele is aiming for more sustainability in the production of board and card games: the publisher announces that "the world of games should become greener". The first implementations of more environmentally friendly game production are already planned for this year - in addition, two game titles had already been started in the autumn. 

In the past year and a half, AMIGO has dealt intensively with the topic of sustainability and internally set the course for a more sustainable future.

In order to make the gaming world greener, Amigo intends to do without plastic content and plastic packaging “wherever possible”. Already with the autumn innovations 2021, such as Stich Rallye and Privacy Refresh, plastic components were deliberately avoided and, for example, play figures and turntables were made of cardboard.

Amigo COO: Long way to go

The topic of sustainability in the board game sector is not new, but it is currently being reinvigorated. Among other things, the coming toy fair will focus on “greener toys” in several subject areas.

In spring 2022, the top seller Halli Galli Junior will appear on the market in plastic-free packaging from the Amigo Spiele publishing house: the plastic insert inside, the window in the box lid and the foiling of the deck of cards have been replaced with sustainable alternatives. Even the film on the game box has given way to a sticker, similar to a seal, which gives the buyer the security that the product has not yet been opened. In the second half of the year, the big brother Halli Galli will also appear in packaging that is just as plastic-free.

Comparatively small measures can have a major environmental impact, as Amigo illustrates with an example: the two products mentioned alone could save an average of seven tons of plastic per year.

"However, since sustainability must not only be considered at the product level, but holistically, other areas such as the company location or the topic of business trips are also under scrutiny," says Amigo.

While the publisher has been using 2012 percent green electricity at the company location since 100, charging stations for electric cars were added in front of the building in 2021. The first company cars were also exchanged for electric or hybrid cars. In addition, domestic business trips will no longer be made by plane in the future, and commuting to work by public transport will be supported by a job ticket.

"We know that we still have a long way to go," explains Joachim Ulbrich, COO and general manager at Amigo. “The important thing is: we go it. Together with our employees, partners and customers. Because only if we are all willing to give up our comfort zone can we really make lasting changes.”

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