One weekend, two world champions: As part of the Vienna Games Festival, the world championships in the card games Wizard and Saboteur took place on October 22nd. Here Sebastian Holzer was able to bring the Wizard World Champion title to Austria, while the Saboteur World Champion Alexander Mischke brought the victory and trophy to Germany.

For the twelfth time AMIGO hosted a Wizard World Championship. This year, participants from 10 countries came to Vienna to compete against Ken Fisher's card game. The fifth Saboteur World Championship is relatively young in comparison, but the participants were no less enthusiastic and played for the World Championship title under the watchful eye of Saboteur author Frederic Moyersoen. Unfortunately, the German qualifiers didn't have a lucky hand at this year's Wizard World Championship and couldn't qualify for the final table.

The card game Wizard is about estimating before each round how many tricks you will take with your own hand of cards. In the end, correct predictions give pluses, false minuses. The trick-taking game Wizard has been published by AMIGO for over 25 years and, with over 2,6 million copies sold in Germany alone, is one of the publisher's most successful card games. Since 2008, AMIGO has organized a German Wizard Championship every year. The Wizard family has grown in recent years: in addition to Wizard Extreme for professionals and Wizard Junior for young sorcerer's apprentices, Witches and Druids as well as the Wizard dice game have appeared in the Wizard series.

Alexander Mischke is world champion

However, things looked different at the final table of the Saboteur World Championship. Here Alexander Mischke prevailed against his competitors and made it to the top of the podium.

At the beginning, each player gets a secret card that decides whether to play in
play the role of a gold digger or saboteur in this game round. Everyone builds in turn
Players use their path cards to dig out a tunnel to create a connection from the starting card
to place one of the three target cards under which the pot of gold is waiting.

The gold-seeking dwarves divide the treasure among themselves if they win, the saboteurs are only rewarded if they don't succeed. In addition to Saboteur there is an expansion Saboteur 2,
and the 2-player variant Saboteur – The Duel.

Since 2016, AMIGO has been offering a saboteur tournament series, which is held in numerous countries and culminates in an annual world championship.

20 Wizard fans and 18 "Saboteurs" from ten nations had qualified for the World Cup in advance through national preliminary rounds and championships. Because of the corona pandemic, the national championships in 2020 and 2021 could not be held, so that those who qualified from these years could also take part in the 2022 championships.

The German world champion qualifiers were already determined in September at the AMIGO Games Festival at the German Wizard and Saboteur Championships.

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