Just in time for autumn, the publishing house Amigo Spiele is bringing numerous new products onto the market, especially for family gamers. In addition to a deluxe edition of Wizard, there is also a new game by Magic creator Richard Garfield. 

The summer sun spoils the whole country and invites you to go outside. Whether at the lake, in the park or in your own garden, you want to spend time outside. But in a few weeks, autumn will bring activities back indoors. With the Amigo autumn novelties, the publisher offers the best basis for autumn game evenings.

Amigo novelties available from September

The dice heroes the players become heroes and, together with their group, seize the villains who are up to mischief in the kingdom. With luck of the dice, they secure the rewards or find valuable treasures. When all the bad guys have been caught, the person with the most coins wins.

How do you get at super sharp the hottest chili sauce collection? By collecting plenty of chillies to then prepare the fiery sauces with a "hot as a pie" deck of cards. The following applies: the hotter the sauce, the more profitable. Whoever has then collected the most points wins this fiery card game.

Bohnanza - The Dice Game celebrates its comeback! The players try to fulfill their tasks with the help of the five bean cubes. But be careful: Everyone else can also benefit from the respective throw. If someone has fulfilled all tasks of a harvest card, it is worth real bean dollars. The first player to collect ten bean coins wins the game. 

As soon as the gold has been found, the dwarves have to flee the cave as quickly as possible because it is in danger of collapsing. Now they are Saboteur – The Dark Cave dependent on finding the exit together and helping each other. But are they all pulling together, or has a saboteur mingled in their own ranks? Because only if the dwarves reach the exit together can they secure the gold for their clan.

Murder or Accident? A body is found in the forest and now every detail counts! At the crime game Unsolved - The Hunting Accident the case is clarified exclusively via pictures: All players look at picture cards together and exchange information about possible clues that contribute to the solution and answer the questions at the end of the game. A crime game that you should definitely keep your eyes open for.

The armadillos are loose and the great rolling race begins! Whoever has the turn chooses Armadillo from Rudi Biber as many as you like from the different dice, lets them roll and discards a hand card that matches the result, the other players can do that too. If the result doesn't quite fit, you can use the Armadillo chips to adjust it. Whoever has the fewest minus points after three rounds wins this cheeky armadillo race.

Wizard fans will also get their money's worth this year: the successful trick-taking game will appear in a special one this fall Wizard Deluxe-Edition with the freshly revised illustrations and exclusive features! In addition to metal coins, the high-quality box also contains a wizard pen with which the predictions can be noted on the block of truth.

The AMIGO autumn novelties will be available in stores on September 1st, 2022.

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AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit 02000 Chili Dice dice game AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit 02000 Chili Dice dice game * 12,65 EUR


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