Holding an autumn novelty in your hands months before the official release date? From June, this wish can be fulfilled with the dice game by Richard Garfield from the so-called Amigo friends in the toy trade. It is a program to strengthen stationary retail

According to Dietzenbacher Verlag, Amigo friends are toy retailers who "live" their product range, love to play and with whom Amigo has had good business relationships for many years.

Dice Heroes: From June 1st in selected specialty stores

If you don't want to wait until September to play Richard Garfield's new dice game, Würfelhelden, you can find what you're looking for in the shops of Amigo friends from June 1st. Dice heroes are allowed to sell these in their shops three months before the official release.

With Dice Heroes, the players slip into the role of a hero or heroine and, together with their group, take hold of the villains who are up to mischief in the kingdom. With luck of the dice, they secure the rewards or find valuable treasures.

The Amigo Friends program was started in 2021 by Dietzenbacher Spieleverlag and is aimed at committed and long-standing partners in the toy trade. Not only do they regularly have the opportunity to exclusively sell Amigo innovations in advance, they also receive an Amigo Friends Box once a quarter. It contains giveaways for your customers, special cards and taster games or decorative material for your business.

Cube Heroes is a dice game for 2 to 4 players aged eight and up. Support is needed in the kingdom of Therion so that peace and quiet can return. Players each lead a squad of animal heroes to hunt down baddies. The goal: a princely reward. Victory can be achieved in several ways.

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AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit 02000 Chili Dice dice game AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit 02000 Chili Dice dice game * 12,29 EUR

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