Many parents use children's board games to promote their offspring. There is hardly anything wrong with that, on the contrary: board games for children are easy and safe aids for child-friendly, entertaining support. One of the latest children's board games is Construction boom from Amigo. Children can play this title among themselves, but also families together. What is the children's board game about Construction boom and why this game is beneficial for your children can be found out by interested parents in the following article. Have fun!

Small, smaller, ant

In the children's board game building boom, the life of the hard-working ants is the focus of attention. All over the country, the ambitious tiny creatures build their meter-high anthills, which serve as a warm winter place before the first rays of sun lure the ant colonies back to the surface in spring.

In the game Construction boom From Amigo, 2 to 4 players slip into the skin of these little forest workers to collect building material for the anthill and then let it grow rapidly. A good memory and a bit of luck with the dice are prerequisites for a victorious process. Arpad Fritsche, the author of Bauboom, combines two popular game mechanisms and forms an exciting and entertaining children's board game that children can play alone with each other or families can play together. The illustrations by Gediminas Akelaitis make a great impression and offer children's eyes many colorful incentives that provide additional motivation to play. All play material is lovingly designed and lets children immerse themselves in the world of ants. The four wheelbarrows and the storage container in particular go wonderfully with the game world and the game concept.

In total, the game packaging contains the following elements:

  • 72 building blocks
  • 4 wheelbarrows in different colors
  • 1 yellow construction container
  • 1 set of instructions
  • 1 game board
  • 2 dice
  • 4 anthills

The game board can be set up quickly, so that even impatient children (no, they have to be expectant children!) Do not have to wait too long for the starting gun. On the contrary, the children can help with the simple assembly and get the job done in no time at all. 

Each player receives his or her own anthill with 10 or 15 fields each that have to be filled. Children are best to use the 10 hill at the beginning, but are not limited to it. In addition, everyone gets the right wheelbarrow, which also serves as a toy. Then you have to cover the game board with building blocks so that you can collect something.

With the help of a wheelbarrow, the players have to collect their building materials and then bring them to the construction site, where they will be used to build the anthill. The distance the wheelbarrow can travel is determined by rolling the dice. All building blocks are placed face down in the wheelbarrows and may only be viewed after reaching the starting area. Matching bricks are built in, superfluous bricks are placed face down in the construction container and there is still a penalty stone on top. This encourages you to really ponder the position of suitable stones instead of simply collecting everything wildly. Whoever builds his anthill first wins the game.

Entertaining remedial lessons

The game is usually played with both dice. Children whose combination skills are not yet developed enough simply start the game with just one die. Above all, the ability to concentrate and remember is encouraged, because the ability to remember always having to remember the right colors is relatively high, especially for children up to 6 years of age. In a game with two dice, arithmetic operations can also be trained. Targeted questions from parents can reinforce this learning process. Instead of simple addition, calculation processes that are not relevant to the game can of course be queried and corrected if necessary. With the addition, the visualization with the help of the game figure on the game board always helps. 

In addition to memory, social interaction is promoted within the group of players. Playing together not only requires knowledge of the rules, but also promotes behavior in accordance with the rules and patient waiting until the next move.

And since it is in Construction boom Amigo is about ants, the child's interest can also be directed towards the tiny insects. While children are naturally curious, they can be gently guided to discover entirely new areas of knowledge. In particular, the magical world of the forest, the ants and the animal world under the earth's surface are ideal for this. After a game of Bauboom, questions about the life of the ants will not be long in coming - and that's a good thing. Even parents learn exciting facts as part of the "follow-up" that the past biology class has not mentioned (or that have already been forgotten).


Number of players: 2 to 4 players
Age: from 5 years
Playing time: 25 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Amigo Spiele  
Year of publication: 2016 
Author: Arpad Fritsche
Language: German
Cost: 18 Euro


Amigo's Bauboom is an ideal game for children and families that can be varied in terms of difficulty using various rule modifications. In this way, new impulses can always be set, which ensure an enormous portion of long-term motivation. The direct interaction and the satisfaction of the child's curiosity are particularly exciting. For the next round of the building boom, simply have a textbook on ants ready so that you can answer questions immediately. My conclusion: definitely play the construction boom!