The pandemic has left its mark - also in the processes of the game editors. As a replacement for physical meetings and game presentations at events, alternatives will have to be found in the long term. For this reason, Amigo is hosting digital author days for the first time on April 2nd and 3rd, where game designers can present their ideas via video call.

The game presentations can take place in German, English and Italian. Of course, the information and the registration form can also be viewed in advance in all three languages.

Registration possible until March 27th

Authors can then present a maximum of two games via video conference – under time pressure: 10 minutes are left for the pitch for each title. Accordingly, Amigo gives the authors some tips, including, for example, good preparation and practice of the presentation.

Interested parties can use a registration form on the Amigo website to register for an appointment on the first weekend in April with the editors: Registrations are possible until March 27th, the number of participants is limited.

In addition to the contact form, you can find more information and tips on the site about how the author days work, what games Amigo is looking for and how - especially young authors - can best prepare for the interview.

Authors sometimes find out whether it works and whether the idea has convinced the publisher during the presentation: “In most cases we will give you initial feedback at the time,” says Amigo. "If we liked your game, we will ask you to send us the instructions or a playable sample (prototype) first, so that we can test your game in the editorial office." In the end, ideally, there is an offer for the publication of a game via the publisher Amigo.

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