Renegade Studios is adapting the film, which is based on Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 novel, to a board game based on the black comedy horror film American Psycho. Especially atmospheric: Christian Bale also lends his face to the main character Patrick Bateman in the analogue game project. 

As a film, American Psycho is as weird as it is outstanding, but despite its darkly humorous undertones it is not for the faint of heart. The film follows Patrick Bateman, a New York investment banker in the late XNUMXs trying to navigate his life as an elite. This sometimes works poorly or not at all - often with serious consequences for his colleagues. Now Renegade Studios is turning the idea into a board game. 

American Psycho on the board game table

Renegade Studios knows their way around licensed board games. GI Joe, Power Rangers or Transformers are just some of the franchises for which the publisher has games in its portfolio. Now, with American Psycho: A Killer Game, another title based on a popular license is being released. The board game is aimed at two to five players aged around 14 and over - apparently it's not quite as brutal as in the original. 

In the games, which last around 45 to 60 minutes, the players in the world of the film of the same name have to do business for the company Pierce & Pierce that is as profitable as possible. However, they should keep their deadly hobby as secret as possible. Each move thus simulates a meeting in the company - players have to play cards for this. The goal: win every move. It is a comparatively simple trick-taking game. Players take turns laying down cards in which the highest number in a color wins. A special trick: each new round has a killer color that acts as a joker and beats other colors. 

In order to bring the theme and setting from the film template more clearly to the table, there are also scene cards in the killer game that cause difficulties. Gradually, as the rounds progress, players accumulate Murder Cards, making it increasingly difficult to further hide the deadly hobby. It is true that it becomes more difficult to win points with each of these cards, but whoever holds the most murder cards at the end gets a bonus that can turn the result around under certain circumstances. 

Nice is the use of Christian Bale's face as Patrick Bateman in the board game American Psycho: A Killer Game. This gives the whole spectacle a lot more atmosphere. The game will be released in 2023. The costs are moderate at around 29 euros.  

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