One can certainly not accuse the large corporation Amazon of a lack of advertising for today's Amazon Prime Day. It is considered certain that bargain hunters could shoot one or the other "deal" today. And in the "Toys" category, too, Amazon has significantly reduced the price of some interesting items, including good board games for beginners, experts and children.

We have put together a small overview for you so that you don't miss any potential Prime Day snapper.

Amazon Prime Day: The Expert Board Games

The card game is a little crazy Exploding Kittens, where not only the title is refreshingly different. Passionate board players grab it maharani or Fresko, both titles come from Queen Games. Anyone who has not yet had Alhambra on the board game shelf now has their chance, after all, the popular game of the year 2003 for 2 to 6 players is unpacked at regular intervals. Magic the Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers With a Prime Day price of around 29 euros, it's not super cheap, I've seen the board game much cheaper. However, a current comparison can be worthwhile here. Also the rather mediocre board game Perfume from Queen Games is comparatively expensive at around 20 euros. I can still remember an offer that was around 9 euros - also on Amazon. If you still have perfume in mind, you will find it here Board game review, With Colt Express, Marco Polo and Concept more games are waiting to be compared by you regarding the price. Ticket to Ride Germany as well as Step by step Europe Days of Wonder and Asmodee are on offer just in time for lunch. Dixit, The Game of the Year 2010 appeals to many types of players. At 16.15 p.m. it gets really exciting: That's when the Prim Day offer starts Pandemic, the award-winning board game by Matt Leacock. Pandemic is one of my absolute highlights today and I will check the price myself and possibly act as a successful bargain hunter.

Tonight is then Kingdom Builder on sale, but I guess this title won't be much cheaper than otherwise intercalated deal promotions. Nevertheless, the price comparison can be worthwhile. In any case, the range of the fantasy board game is not to be despised The dwarfs by Pegasus Spiele, which is based on the fantasy novel series of the same name by Markus Heitz.

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Board games for beginners on Amazon Prime Day

For board game beginners, the bargain day begins with the placement game Dobble the Amazon currently sells for 10,99 euros.

The great game of 2014 camel up Pegasus Spiele, on the other hand, is available for 13,99 euros. You can find information about the game on our homepage or in the appropriate one review. With the classic board game Monopoly pretty much every beginner can do something. The next family birthday is saved with the exciting game about streets and real estate. The Warcraft version of Monopoly is also available for MMO fans. Ubongo is, on the other hand, a fast placement game that provides a good dose of brain work. This also has a very beneficial effect on the gray cells Quiz duel from Ravenburger. Whorls von Schmidt Spiele is something of an "evergreen" among board games; the game of the year from 2011 is simple and enormously entertaining. Hotel tycoon is a board game that landed in our top 5 best business and building board games. Star Wars fans advise on buying Ubongo Star Wars, The Force Awakens, the Ubongo offshoot of the current film from the greatest sci-fantasy universe there is.

The fact that Carcassonne is a top recommendation doesn't really need to be mentioned at this point, but we do it anyway.

Anyone who thought that the board game Chef Alfredo was child's play is wrong. Although children can also use the game principle to improve their memory skills, this title by Queen Games is primarily aimed at all board players who would like to promote their memory in short games.

Who visites camel up already owns the board game around 19.25:XNUMX p.m. with the help of the Expand the Camel Up Supercup. Nobody is perfect as well as Tabu for me belong more in the category "flea market find" - as a regular flea market visitor I can assure you that these two titles are sold particularly frequently; I don't know why though, because both board games are fun.

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Board games for kids on Amazon Prime Day

Children who love board games are happy today when their parents Lotti Karotti or order one of the TipToi games from Ravensburger. The children's board game is an exciting alternative Grab Hubi, which won the Children's Game of the Year award in 2012. On the other hand, it is a little more active Twister to. A game that brings back childhood memories - after all, the colorful dance mat was on display in pretty much every child's room. The Kinetic Sand promotes motor skills, 3D vision and creativity. It goes ghostly Ghost castle from Queen Games too. The children's board game is also exciting and quite magical The enchanted tower by Schmidt games. Spider lovers join in Spinderella the perfect title. Children will find even more ghosts at Ghosts, ghosts, treasure hunters. The fitting Board game review you can find it here on our site if you are interested.

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