*Display* Amazon Prime Day could be worthwhile for gamers again this year: on the second day, offers in the field of board games, video games and consoles are waiting to be put through their paces by interested parties. Can you save money? The best way to find out is through a quick price comparison. However, experience shows: Amazon Prime Day is actually good for some bargains. 

Amazon is actually offering bargain hunters a chance to save money with Prime Day 2020. It is best to look around in advance in the range and determine the products you want, you can then follow them up and be notified as soon as the selected item is on offer.

It makes sense to find out about the price range for the desired item before Prime Day - so you can either see directly whether a advertised bargain is really a bargain, or you can at least guess whether it is worth it, quickly the price to research. We have general information on bargain hunting summarized here.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Deals for players on the second day

There is not much time left to go on an online shopping tour on Amazon Prime Day 2020. Because you can quickly lose track of the large number of offers, we have collected some good deals from the board game area. By the way: If you go shopping via one of the affiliate links, you ideally not only save money, but also support our portal at no additional cost.

Many well-known publishers are throwing very good board games on the rummaging table this year, including industry giants such as Pegasus or Ravensburger, but also small publishers such as Rudy Games. The offers are not aimed exclusively at beginners or family players: Ravensburger is entering the race with Castles of Burgundy, for example, and is offering the grandiose board game at a real competitive price.

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Asmodee | Exploding Kittens | base game | party game |... Asmodee | Exploding Kittens | base game | party game |... * Currently no reviews 15,79 EUR

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