In December 2020, Amazon Prime Video will provide its viewers with an exciting program. The streaming service provides series and film highlights, such as the first season, the award-winning TV satire "Binge Reloaded", but also the screen drama "I'm Your Woman", which is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video., for exciting entertainment in front of the television at home. This is a welcome change for young and old, especially during the Christmas holidays and at times of the pandemic. In our Amazon Prime Calendar you will find all the films and series that Christmas December has in store for you.

The Amazon Prime program in December 2020 once again has exciting highlights and innovations in the luggage for the subscribers of the streaming provider. With our clear calendar you can easily find out when your favorite films and series are showing. We have already selected a few highlights and exciting trailers for you and your entire family.

Amazon Prime Calendar in December: Home cinema for the whole family

True to the motto: "New month, new popcorn program.", Amazon Prime Video is also offering you new films and series for streaming in December. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Amazon Prime series in December 2020

1 December 2020

  • Family Guy - S18 | animation
  • Hawaii Five 0 - Season 10 | drama
  • SWAT - Season 2 | Action
  • The Good Doctor - Season 2 | hospital
  • The Walking Dead - Season 1: Part 1 | horror

4 December 2020

  • Highlight for the laughing muscles / From this year: Binge Reloaded - Season 1 | Satire

Binge Reloaded is a new edition of Switch Reloaded, here well-known shows, films and series are parodied in an entertaining way. From Kitchen Impossible to Batwoman, The Handmaids Tale to Vikings and The Witcher, the multi-award-winning satire show only stops at a few well-known home theater hits.


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11 December 2020

  • This year: The Wilds - Season 1 | Novel adaptation

12 December 2020

  • 4 Blocks - Season 3 | Crime / drama

16 December 2020

  • The Expanse - Season 5 | Sci Fi

18 December 2020

  • From this year: BILD makes Germany? - Season 1 | documentation
  • This year: El Cid - Season 1 | drama
  • From this year: The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt | Car magazine / comedy
Amazon Prime Movies in December 2020

The first cookies have been baked, the gifts ordered, the Christmas menu ready? Then now is the perfect time for cozy hours in front of the TV. Amazon Prime has a mix of genres ready for the whole family in December, offering its subscribers a great opportunity to enjoy the cool temperatures with family, popcorn and home cinema:

1 December 2020

  • Highlight with a lot of feeling: Welcome to Marwen | drama

Painter Mark Hogenkamp is in a coma. He was beaten up by hooligans. When he wakes up one day, he no longer remembers the crime. Not only that, Mark has to relearn all the skills of daily life.


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But the artist doesn't give up! In order to cope with his situation, he lets his creativity run free and in his garden builds a model of a Belgian village called Marwen from the time of the Second World War. With resident figures that correspond to the people from Mark's real life. Mark feels comfortable in Marwen, but the more time he spends in his artificial world, the more he loses touch with the real world. Welcome to Marwen is a film directed by Forrest Gump.

 4 December 2020

  • Sound of Metal | Music / drama

5 December 2020

  • Bridge of Spies - The Negotiator | Thriller / drama
  • Bridget Jones - On the verge of madness | Comedy / romance
  • Indeed ... love | romance

6 December 2020

  • Turkish for Beginners | Youth comedy

7 December 2020

  • Deadpool | snappy comedy

8 December 2020

  • I Robot | Sci Fi
  • Mechanic: Resurrection | actions

11 December 2020

  • Highlight for thrills / From this year: I'm Your Woman | drama

The drama I'm Your Woman is an Amazon in-house production and takes place in the 1970s: the young mother Jean is on the run. The persecutors want to take revenge for the criminal acts of their husband Eddi. Their escape leads them straight into the criminal underworld and demands a change in their self. Will Jean find her way back safely to her old life?


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12 December 2020

  • For children: The little raven sock - search for the lost treasure | Animation / family film

13 December 2020

  • From this year: Blue Story Gangs of London | drama

14 December 2020

  • Ted | snappy comedy

17 December 2020

  •  From this year: Body Cam - Invisible Horror | horror

Popcorn Marathon with Die Hard:

  • Die Hard | Action
  • Die Hard 2 | Action
  • Die Hard - Now All the More! | Action
  • Die Hard 4.0 | Action
  • Die Hard - A Good Day to Die | Action

18 December 2020

  •  Pinocchio | Family movie

19 December 2020

  • Life of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger | drama

20 December 2020

  • The Descendants - Family and Other Matters | drama

21 December 2020

  • Highlight with goosebumps factor / From this year: We Summon the Darkness | horror

In the summer of 1988, alleged Satanists killed 18 people in the American hinterland. It quickly becomes clear that only heavy metal music can cause such cruelty. Friends Alexis, Beverly and Val don't care much about guesswork and go on a road trip to a heavy metal concert full of energy.


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As luck would have it, the party-mad teenagers get to know the three up-and-coming musicians Ivan, Kovacs and Mark and shortly thereafter decide to continue partying in Alexis' remote country house. But soon the after-show party turns into a bloody corpse feast and everyone suspects the other to be a murderous killer.

22 December 2020

  •  The A-Team - The Movie | Action

24 December 2020

  • From this year: Reiterhof Wildenstein - Part 3: New beginning | Family movie
  • From this year: Reiterhof Wildenstein - Part 4: The boy and the horse | Family movie
  • From this year: The Gentlemen | adventure

25 December 2020

  • ET - The Extra-Terrestrial | Science fiction
  • From this year: Sylvie's Love | drama

28 December 2020

  • From this year: Always having trouble with Grandpa | Comedy / family film
  • Titanic | romance

30 December 2020

  • From this year: Yearly Departed | comedy

31 December 2020

  • Fighting with my Family | comedy
Films and series in December to buy or rent

Available for purchase from December 3rd 

  • Shameless - Season 10 | drama
  • Poisoned Truth | Thriller / drama

Available to buy from December 4th / available to rent from December 10th 

  • I Still Believe | romance

Available to buy from December 10th / available to rent from December 17th 

  • The Broken Hearts Gallery | Comedy / romance

Available to buy from December 14th / available to rent from February 2nd

  • Highlight for lovers: After Truth | Romance / drama

"After Truth" is the sequel to the popular romance drama "After Passion", both films are based on a book series by the author Anna Todd: Tessa lives introverted, the disappointment and pain about the past times with Hardin were far too great. Unfortunately, feelings cannot be controlled and so she continues to yearn for the outspoken young man. Tessa's co-worker Trevor, however, might be a better choice. Charming and affectionate, he seems serious about her. But Hardin still has feelings for Tessa and fights for the love of a woman for the first time in his life.


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Available to buy from December 17th / available to rent from December 24th 

  • Tenet | Sci Fi

We wish you a lot of fun with your Amazon Prime Video program in December and a pleasant Christmas time.

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