[Advertisement] Admittedly, we are eagerly awaiting Black Friday, but Amazon is offering its customers exciting early Black Friday deals earlier than before this year. The offer, which remains until November 19th, offers gamers a welcome opportunity to purchase entertainment media at a bargain price. Since most of us are currently spending a lot more time in our home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the early Black Friday offer comes in handy. We have selected particularly cheap and worthwhile offers for consoles, games, controllers, headsets and other gaming stuff for you.

For gamers, Black Friday is an unbeatable time to strike at bargains. What a while ago referred to a day, namely the first Friday after Thanksgiving, became more and more the Black Friday season. In this bargain hunter you will find offers for everything your heart desires. Gamers can also look forward to attractive discounts for all types of accessories and entertainment media. Whatever is on the wish list right now, from gaming mice to video games, the chances are particularly good at the moment that there is a suitable offer in the Early Black Friday offers from Amazon.

Video games for bargain hunters ahead of Black Friday

The early Black Friday video game offers are some of the classics of the recent past, but they are still impressive! Here you can get hold of bargains with discounts of over 50 percent. There are also top deals for the PC and the consoles Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. We have summarized some particularly cheap early Black Friday highlights from Amazon for you. So much can be revealed: there is something for everyone!

"Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”Is a third-person action-adventure set in the Star Wars universe. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts in late 2019 for the PC and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Amazon is granting an early Black Friday discount of 51 percent on the PC - Origin code for the Star Wars video game.

In our video game test we are sure: “If you love Star Wars and like solo games, you can hardly avoid Star Wars: Fallen Order. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts actually got everything fans could want out of the license: a great story, wonderful character drawings, a lively, atmospheric world - and lots of action. "

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order put to the test - the solo game is that good

"The Sims 4"Is a life simulation with the"Star Wars: Trip to Batuu“- Bundle finds its way into the Star Wars universe. The Sims 4 was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2014 for the PC and the Playstation and Xbox consoles. The “Star Wars: Reise nach Batuu” bundle followed in September 2020. The “The Sims 4” and “Star Wars: Reise nach Batuu” bundle for the Playstation 4 will receive an early 49 percent Black Friday discount.

In our game review we write: “Maxis and Electronic Arts cannot be blamed for a lack of courage: instead of relying on horses or cars as requested by the community, there are droids and star fighters. The Gameplay Pack The Trip to Batuu does a lot differently than the fans would like. The profile of a Sims fan changes fundamentally: Instead of 15-year-old horse girls, nerdy Dark Lords of the Sith or passionate sabacc players can now spend many hours with everyday simulations. "

Test of The Sims 4 - Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Great content past the target group

"Fallout 76”Is a survival online role-playing game from the Fallout video game series, which was released on the video game market at the end of 2018 by Bethesda Game Studios for the PC and the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game is a real Amazon early Black Friday hit! For currently € 9,99, and thus 50 percent reduced, you get the “Fallout 76 - including Wastlanders PC version” of the video game.

Preview Product Rating Price
Fallout 76 (incl. Wastelanders) - [PC] Fallout 76 (incl. Wastelanders) - [PC] * 9,99 EUR

In our play test for Fallout 76 we found: “Fallout 76 can best be compared to a bad horror film. You don't really want to see it, but you can't look away either. At least that was true for a long time - now, with the release of Wastelanders, Fallout 76 has managed to rise to a B-movie. That is still far from grandiose, but at least worth seeing and playing. "

Test for Fallout 76: Wastelanders brings the online Fallout on the track

Gaming accessories at an early Black Friday bargain price

When new gaming accessories are needed, the early Amazon Black Friday sales are a time to be on the lookout for them. Here you can find bargains of all kinds of accessories in different shapes and styles. From moderate discounts on newer models to unbeatable low prices for those of the last few seasons:

The "Razer Viper - Light Esports Gaming Mouse”Is an ambidextrous mouse that is said to be particularly light at 69 grams. Every click is recognized by a light sensor, so that commands can be executed particularly quickly in the game. It has been in the Amazon range since August 2019 and is currently reduced by 43 percent.

The "Razer Atheris Stormtrooper Edition - Wireless gaming and office mouse"Will especially please Star Wars fans. This Razer mouse is said to be equally suitable for work and gaming. It has an approximate battery life of 280 hours and is compact. With a discount of currently 54 percent, the Razer mouse is a real bargain that office heroes, young gamers and Star Wars fans could like under the Christmas tree.

Gamers who like to design their desk environment uniformly could go with the "Razer Mouse: Atheris Stormtrooper Edition" The particularly soft "XXL gaming mat Razer Goliathus Extended" please. An esports mousepad with a wipeable, friction-free surface and a quilted edge. The Star Wars Mousepad comes with a 33 percent discount on Amazon's early Black Friday deals.

The Black Friday offers and the "Razer Black Widow Lite Stormtrooper Edition - Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard" further. A Razer keyboard with individually backlit keys and adjustable brightness control in Star Wars optics. With a 33 percent discount, this keyboard is clearly one of the early Black Friday offers.

For lovers of rich sound, Amazon puts a 50 percent discount on the "ROCCAT Juke Virtual 7.1 + USB stereo sound card" and the associated Headset adapter. These gaming accessories are intended to significantly increase the audio quality of the games.

Preview Product Rating Price
Razer Raiju Ultimate (2019) - Wired and... Razer Raiju Ultimate (2019) - Wired and... * 228,24 EUR

Playstation 4 owners can get a 30 percent discount for the "Razer Raiju Ultimate Controller" be happy. The wireless gamepad should be able to be adapted to the wishes of the gamer by means of a mobile app by reassigning the buttons and adjusting the sensitivity.

The ultra-light "7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Razer Kraken X”Is intended to ensure particularly balanced acoustics in video games. It should amplify the tones at the right moment, as in explosions, or attenuate them, as in moments of creeping. The early Black Friday discount for the Razer gaming headset is a full 30 percent.

Would you like more tips on Black Friday deals? We'll let you know soon about the best deals for the real bargain day, which will take place on November 27th. Stay up to date with us!


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