Alone in the Dark will make a comeback on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC. THQ Nordic has now officially announced this. There is also a first trailer.

After a leak via Smartoys, it was already known that Alone in the Dark would return to the games screens. Meanwhile, THQ Nordic has also released an official announcement accompanied by a trailer. However, there is no release window. Nevertheless: At Gamescom 2022, fans will at least be able to use the playable teaser “Grace in the Dark” to bridge the waiting time.

Alone in the Dark: New Story

Alone in the Dark has had some solid video games and a mediocre quality movie so far. The reboot of the brand has at least decent potential for growth. This time Studio Pieces Interactive is responsible, where the title has been in development since 2019. The background story is already known.

The story takes place in America in the 1920s. Emily Hartwood is searching for her missing uncle in the exciting era. She cooperates with the private detective Edward Carnby - together the duo goes to Derceto Manor to search for the missing uncle.

Of course, the classic basic story takes a few twists and turns. The couple encounters strange inhabitants, monsters and encounters portals to spooky worlds. The highlight: Both characters are playable and each offer their own perspectives with unique cutscenes and level environments.

The story is not a warmed-up story snippet, but brand new. Responsible for the creative part is Mikael Hedberg, previously involved in Amnesia: The Dark Descent or SOMA. At least with regard to the staging, the chances are good: Hedberg is also a director.

There is also a connection to the predecessors. Many of the characters, themes, and locations from the original trilogy are present in the series reboot. However, there will be new monsters - the latter being designed with the collaboration of Guy Davis, known for his collaboration with Guillermo del Toro. Also cool: The doom-jazz legend Jason Köhnen provides the spooky soundtrack. Overall, the chances are good: the new edition of the Alone in the Dark series could bring proper mystery horror, possibly even horror, to the screens.

No release has been announced for the reboot. The game is currently in alpha stage but will be released to the public at Gamescom 2022 with a playable teaser called Grace in the Dark. It features Grace from Alone in the Dark 2 and takes place before the main game.


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