Matagot and Kolossal Games have released Almost Innocent, a cooperative deduction game about proving each other's innocence. The idea is vaguely reminiscent of Cluedo. The title is planned as a novelty for the coming year 2023. 

The publisher Matagot and Kolossal Games jointly publish the game Almost Innocent. Matagot is best known for board games like Kemet, Cyclades and Inis. For example, Reload and Western Legends come from Kolossal Games.


Almost Innocent has two to four players working together to prove each other's innocence. It is important to collect and interpret the right clues, to do this players have to answer the right questions. The idea is a kind of slightly inverted Cluedo. It is, therefore, a game of deduction in which players experience a variety of scenarios, each of which results in each player being accused of a specific crime. However, the allegations then depend on which scenario the players have selected. The trick: the required information is also directly connected to one another. Each player will have a handful of clues to help the others uncover the true story behind the crime. 

In their active turn, players must choose from several questions. Only the answers then provide the relevant information - these help you on the one hand, but also the other participants in the round. The circle to Cluedo closes by solving the perpetrators behind the crimes. In addition, it is - analogous to the board game classic - to find out the murder weapon and the location before the time runs out.

It is a narrative game at its core, with players also guiding their character through a story. Each chapter has new rules, game mechanics and abilities.

Almost Innocent is designed by Philippe Attali, the illustrations by Satoshi Matsuura, who previously drew graphics for titles such as Hidden Leaders or Vivarium.

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