After Amsterdam, London and New York, the fourth city edition of Ticket to Ride has now been announced. The successful Days of Wonder game series is the winner of countless awards. Just as numerous are the available extensions and standalone titles in the series. In addition to continents and countries, there are also the city editions, which are now being replenished.

In the board game hobby, you probably search a long time for people who step by step never played or heard of. Those to whom it applies suffer from siderodromophobia (fear of trains) or have waited in vain for a DB train to take them to game night where the game was on the agenda. step by step by Days of Wonder/Asmodee with its expansions and special editions can be found in almost every board game household. There is a game board for almost every preference on which to build your tracks. At the city level, there are of course also various “destinations”. A fourth has now been announced.

To San Francisco in the 1960s

Of course, the railway wheel is not reinvented in this edition. The well-known game mechanics of collecting cards, claiming routes and fulfilling tickets are retained. Since it is usually faster to travel through individual cities than through an entire country or continent, the city editions play much faster. Also, they are only suitable for 2-4 people. The playing time is from 10 minutes and upwards and the game is recommended as usual for ages 8 and up. In Ticket to Ride: San Francisco the players now discover sights such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge or the "Painted Ladies".

Everyone tries to place their 20 cable cars on the city map. To do this, they collect cards as usual in order to use them to claim routes in the corresponding color and to fulfill their tickets. For some routes, ferries, which are otherwise the joker color, are required. Another element that is not included in the base game from 2004 are the souvenir tiles. These are obtained when you connect locations and one of these tiles is placed on one of these locations. Points are awarded at the end of the game for different symbols on the collected souvenir tiles. As usual, you also get points for the built routes depending on the length and for fulfilled tickets.

The game is scheduled to be released by Asmodee in Germany in August.


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