There are board games that are timelessly good. This also includes the Carcassonne placement game from Hans im Glück, which won the 2001 Game of the Year award. Even 15 years later, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede's game idea still inspires thousands of board players and even motivates the best laying players to take part in exciting championships.

Not without my extensions!

Over 7 million sold base games and expansions speak a clear language and show the popularity of this classic placement game, in which everything revolves around the clever placement of landscape cards and followers.

There are no fewer than nine expansions to the basic game Carcassonne, not even counting the mini-expansions. This not only ensures a lot of variety, but also long-lasting fun. Expanded, 2 to 6 players, ages 8+, place the appropriate landscape cards on the table and try to Spielpunktto collect In the course of the game you use the landscape tiles to build monasteries, castles, trade routes and meadows in order to build the colorful world of Carcassonne from the initially barren board game table. The highlight: Landscape cards are drawn face down and must be placed so that one playing field is never the same as the other. Even optically, there is plenty of variety. In the basic game you place your followers, of which each player has of course only a limited number available, on paths, castle sections, monasteries or meadows in order to gain points when completing the respective sections and get the follower back. Exception: The follower is a farmer and stands on the meadow, which means that points are calculated at the end of the game. The landscape already grows to around one square meter with the basic game. Sufficient laying space should therefore always be available.

Nine extensions are currently available for Carcassonne:

  1. Public houses and cathedrals
  2. Trader and builder
  3. Damsel and dragon
  4. The tower
  5. Abbey and Mayor
  6. Count, king and consorts
  7. The catapult
  8. Bridges, castles and bazaars
  9. Sheep and hills

Each extension costs around 12 euros; Acquiring a new car from Carcassonne therefore consumes a considerable amount of money, but it is worth investing in. In addition, beginners do not need all the extensions at once to begin with. On the contrary: Entering with the full broadside Carcassonne is not recommended, as point evaluations are becoming more and more complex and the strategic claim increases with each additional expansion. In any case, the first extension, Taverns and Cathedrals, is useful for larger game rounds. One of my favorites is the expansion of Carcassonne with the add-on dealer and builder, which introduces goods as a bonus element with which you can collect some extra points