Alhambra by Dirk Henn is one of the most successful board games from Queen Games. It is one of several Game of the Year winners from Troisdorfer Verlag. 

There are a total of 26 entries Alhambra at BoardGameGeek. There are promos and mini expansions included, of course, but it still shows how popular the game is. Yesterday Queen Games launched the preview page for another game from the Alhambra universe.

Alhambra – 19-year success story

In the game, players must build the Alhambra. You must pay the right workers in their own currency. With the help of the right teams, for example, towers can be built or gardens can be laid out.

In one turn you choose from three possible actions. You can take money from the public display. Either you take any number of cards up to a value of five regardless of the currency or any other card.

If you already have enough money, you can buy building parts. You have to pay for them in the correct currency. If you can pay the exact price with your cards, you can choose another action. 

The third possible action is to rebuild your own Alhambra. There are three scoring rounds in the game. Two during the game and then the last one at the end. Whoever has received the most points for their own Alhambra wins the game.

Alhambra—The Red Palace

Another title has now been announced by Queen Games. Alhambra—The Red Palace will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. An exact launch date has not yet been announced. 

Not much is known about the game itself either. On the picture of the preview page you can see the money cards of different currencies. It should contain 89 wooden buildings and three extensions.

More information will be announced by Queen Games in the days and weeks leading up to the crowdfunding launch.

You can see the project here make a note already. 


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