Of course, eggertspiele will also present a new board game at SPIEL. Originally planned for the middle of the year, the new game in the world of Great Western Trail will now be presented at the fair in Essen. Of course, not only the name of the successful predecessor is taken over, but also some of the mechanisms.

Great Western Trail by Alexander Pfister is in the top 15 of all games on BoardGameGeek. When eggertspiele announced the second edition of the successful game in February 2021, two more Great Western Trail titles were announced at the same time. More details are now known.

Great Western Trail: Argentina - part two of the trilogy

Before the third part of the Great Western Trail series goes to New Zealand in 2023, the second part will come at SPIEL. This leads the players to Argentina.

Also in Great Western Trail: Argentina game elements such as deck management, a rondel mechanism and the possibility of upgrading the player tableau can be found again. There are also small changes and new features in these elements.

For example, there is a new type of worker with farmers and there is a new type of resource with grain. Grain can be used for ship or city tiles.
In addition, shortcuts can be used to bring your own herd of cows to Buenos Aires faster. Timing is even more important in this game.

Money is a bit easier to get, but there are more actions to consider for it, so the challenge is no less demanding. In addition, the solo opponent Pedro is waiting, whose points have to be beaten.

Like the classic Great Western Trail is also the novelty Great Western Trail: Argentina Suitable for 1-4 people aged 12 and over. The playing time is between 75 and 150 minutes.

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