The fact that successful board games receive digital adaptations is now more of a standard than a surprise. Now it is Alexander Pfister's Maracaibo turn. The developers at Spiral Burst Studios have announced this. Accordingly, Maracaibo will appear as a digital board game for mobile devices with the iOS or Android operating system before the end of this year, probably in the fourth quarter.

Alexander Pfister, the man behind board games like Great Western Trail or Blackout: Hong Kong, is also the man behind the board game Maracaibo, which was published in Germany in 2019 by dlp Games. Now the strategy game is getting a digital spin-off, which Spiralburst Studio says should be a "complete adaptation", i.e. a 1:1 implementation of the successful concept.

Maracaibo digital comes with tutorial and Automa-AI

The developers at Spiralburst Studio use the advantages that digital 1: 1 adaptations bring with them, including a detailed tutorial that introduces new players in particular to the rules. Alexander Pfister's board game Maracaibo is set with its theme in the Caribbean of the 17th century. Players slip into the roles of sailors and sail across the Caribbean Sea to deliver goods to ports. In this way, they earn money from different nations and increase their influence.

The idea is not just focused on the trade in goods. For example, players can upgrade their ship to run tours more efficiently. In addition, pirates have to be fended off. The gameplay is based on playing cards to move the ship from town to town. The real highlight of the board game, which lasts four rounds per game, is that there are several ways to win. Each player has around 45 minutes of playing time - depending on the length of their actions within the round.

As a digital version, Maracaibo should play like the original. Copyright: Spiralburst Studio

As a digital version, Maracaibo should play like the original. Copyright: Spiralburst Studio

According to Spiralburst Studio, the app for Maracaibo was created in close cooperation with Alexander Pfister and the publisher. As in the template, one to four players set sail on their merchant ships, either in a standard mode or in a campaign. In any case, there will be a "pass and play" function, so you will be able to play with friends by passing your smartphone or tablet to the next move. The solo game should be possible via Automa AI in three different difficulties.

"Maracaibo Digital" will be released for Apple's iOS and Google Android, probably in the fourth quarter of 2020. It is not known whether a PC version will also come - in any case, there has been no corresponding announcement. Information and the possibility to register for a newsletter can be found at

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