The board game Agricola by Uwe Rosenberg will receive a special anniversary edition on the occasion of its 15th birthday this year. This was confirmed by the publisher Lookout Spiele as part of the Asmodee novelty presentation.

Agricola has been delighting players for more than ten years. The strategic board game by Uwe Rosenberg from 2007 is not only one of the timeless games, but also one of the best of the genre.

From hobby to profession thanks to Agricola

The board game will be 15 years old this year. Asmodee Germany has now taken over distribution. As Hanno Girke, who is responsible for "Studio Development" at Lookout Games, revealed in an interview during the Asmodee novelty event, an anniversary box will be released for Agricola. It should expressly not be understood as "deluxe" and will not reach the prices of luxury editions.

Nevertheless, Lookout Games is taking the birthday of the farm board game as an opportunity to launch a special edition. However, Hanno Girke had not yet revealed exactly what it was all about. It will probably be a kind of big box, which could then also serve as a comprehensive collection of content for beginners. In any case, the edition will not reach the price of a small car, not even half a car.

It is hardly surprising that Lookout Games would like to “celebrate” the anniversary of Agricola: the board game was the title that made the publishing house such. Although Hanno Girke, Uwe Rosenberg and Marcel-André Casasola had already founded Merkle Lookout games in the millennium and had published several titles before Agricola (including 1861 or The Great Tournament), the breakthrough only came with the success of Agricola. You could turn your hobby into a job, reveals Girke, who is actually a teacher and studied statistics.

In the meantime, Lookout Games has become an integral part of the world of publishing and board games. They often stand for top-class strategic entertainment and, with Alexander Pfisters and Andreas Pelikans Isle of Skye, they were also able to win the pawn for the connoisseur game of the year in 2016.

The well-known works published by Lookout Spiele also include Grand Austria Hotel, Coasta Rica, Le Havre and Patchwork. Since January 2018, Lookout Games has been operating as an independent unit within the Asmodee Group. According to Hanno Girke, this has led to significant improvements, especially with regard to the sales structures.

Even if Agricola initiated the commercial success of Lookout, the publisher drew attention to itself in the early phase: in 2003 the card game Attribute landed on the selection list for Game of the Year, a year later the game Die Zepter von Zavandor made the leap to the ninth place in the German Games Awards. Another three years later came Agricola from Uwe Rosenberg, which still inspires fans around the world today.

In Agricola it is the task of the players to manage a farm. Expansion and optimization increase the yield. The worker placement title, which is now considered a classic, is aimed at advanced players and is a prototype for the “Eurogames” genre. Individual games often play differently on the level of detail; In addition, the board game has been supplemented with new content several times, for example with the Moor Farmers expansion.

Even though Agricola is considered Uwe Rosenberg's greatest success, the board game is not the best he has penned: among other things, Ein Fest für Odin is considered by connoisseurs to be a much more attractive title by Rosenberg. This did not and does not detract from the fascination of Agricola - the anniversary edition should probably bring new life to the farm.


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